Vertere Pulse D-Fi

Tested at £70

A must-audition if you can stretch your budget


I bought one about a month ago, because I recently acquired a set of Sennheiser HD800's + HDVD800 Amp. In blind testing i can't tell the difference between this cable and a 4.99 Amazon cable. I also tried blind testing on 4 friends with no better results than 50/50 with guesses. This was playing 24/192 FLAC files.


Fairly expensive cable to just ensure that it doesn't degrade sound, as teh original review acknowledges that a USB Cable can't improve it any. Wish I'd read it more closely before buying!


I'm generally in agreement with your reviews (sometime word-for-word, which is scary).  

For this product, I agree with review but I think this cable is best for budget and mid-fi systems.  It sounds great and delivers nice musical rhythm.   What it also does is "tame" the sound, almost re-package it up, and deliver it in a pleasing way.  It's not for truely hi-fi or 'high resolution' systems because that "taming" factor becomes a "limiting" factor (removing some of already positive qualities of your system) - less dynamics, less extension, even slightly less volume etc...

For mid-fi/budget systems that might be a little rough around the edges or have timing issues, I can see this cable working nicely.

I own it and have A/B'd it to death with other USB's and have just listened to it for long periods of time - 4 stars for being fun, sweet and playful.  Not for high res systems with already awesome dynamics and 3-dimensional soundstage. 



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