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Tested at £300

It has a clear, realistic and detailed picture - it's just the price that hurts


How in the WORLD is someone even going to consider paying THIS MUCH money for an HDMI cable, when the evidence against paying anything more than $5 for a digital cable is so unanimously conclusive?

All you have to do is read a bit about it from expert opinions, in particular the article on the US Cnet website, doubtlessly experts in the field, telling the reader that an hdmi cable either works, or it doesn't... For instance:


I can't believe the whatHiFi reviewers found any discernible difference between one cable or another beyond what is known to be the placibo effect... You believe something is so, and therefore it is. If there was a difference, it only means that a particular cable is defective.

Same goes for a USB cable, ethernet cable, optical cable, etc. 

£300 quid for a HDMI cable ?!?!!



I stopped reading What HiFi when they started claiming there was a difference in picture qualities such as 'skin tones' between HDMI cables. The scientific fact is that there just isn't.

HDMI cables are generally much-of-a-likeness. The main difference between cables is build quality and the HDMI version they (claim to) comply to.

Personally I own several 'ThatCable' cables which cost less than a tenner delivered for two. They are built well and fully shielded. This is all that matters unless you need a different version cable. I also own some £1.90-odd cables from ebay that offer no difference in picture or sound quality.

I could write pages of information here, but I won't. I suggest anyone looking to buy some HDMI cables research 'lab testting' or 'blind testing' of HDMI cables first. And set an absolute maximum budget of around £15...

Who ever wrote this review obviously gets paid too much.  How can you say that this digital cable has any better audio or video than the £2.50 one I bought off Ebay, which incidentally supports HDMI1.4 + Ethernet?  A digital signal is just that - DIGITAL!  Your 1's and 0's are no different than mine, even after passing along your completely madly priced £300 cable!

It completely amazes me that people buy in to this madness that better HDMI cables are required for high-end AV kit.  Look on the side of the actual wire part of the cable.  If it says "HDMI 1.4 compliant" then it is, and will work for it's intended purpose - thats all that matters!

I just seen this video:

http://www.another site/tv/index.php?videoid=80

It says that if a cable works it's good enough. Two cables that work properly will not have less or better quality picture wise. So, I guess the huge prices of HDMI cables are nonsense. Not to say they're not good, but probably they contain stuff that aren't needed and do not increase the quality of either image or sound since we are talking about a digital signal.


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