V-moda Crossfade LP

Tested at £170

A good-looking headphone spoilt by seriously disappointing sound quality


I'd like to start of by saying that I think the review is a bit unfair, the headphones are simply put, VERY warm sounding, they aren't 'sonically flawed'. The warm sound isn't too much of an issue for me, as I prefer something warmer. Imagine the 'loudness' dial on the Yamaha amps, if you've heard one then dial that round to about 50% and you have the type of sound that you get from these headphones, a very smooth, warm and powerful sound.

If you're not into that type of sound though, then these likely will not be for you. I mean, it certainly isn't unpleasant, but you just won't enjoy them if you like something a bit brighter, they may sound a bit muted or muffled because of the emphasis on the low end and somewhat impression of reassessed  treble you get from them. It IS there, you just have to listen and adjust a little to the sound they give.

I have a really broad taste when it comes to music, and so far I have tested these on R&B, hip hop, Dance, electronic, orchestral, classical, rock, pop, jazz, indie and a few others. The results vary, there have been quite a few wow moments where the sound literally blows you away from any of the genres, but also on some of the tracks you get a feeling that perhaps something is missing, it's hard to explain. They DO have more of a club sound, this is true, and the treble is reassessed somewhat as mentioned, but in a bizarre way, every frequency, every note is there, and all of the instruments and textures are separated very well, you can pick out things that you don't even here on regular headphones, but I do feel ultimately they are more suited to bass-heavy or club style music.

If you like your bass then these are surely just the ticket, with my E11, Nelly Furtardo's 'Something' came on from my random play, I forgot I had the EQ on level 2 from experimenting earlier, the track literally blew my mind when the bass drum started, it was like being in concert with huge subs powering out the sound, for a moment I forgot where I was and just had to start bouncing around, I'd never heard anything like it. It was not unpleasant or harsh, just an insanely smooth, insanely low powerful sound. If your a beats fan then you need to know that they are nothing compared to these. The beats pro by comparison seem to have no low end and be harsh with sounds muddled.

I've experienced some highs with many other genres too, when I've been listen to tracks that won't rattle my brain, they have really had some moments where I have had to stop and rewind the track thinking to myself "I've never heard that sound before!".

With regards to burn-in, I've also left them running on varying playlists over night and with pink noise at all times when I haven't been using them the past few days, I can't say it's made a huge difference, but there is a slight difference in the sound now than when they came out of the box.

The moda's are certainly an acquired taste, and not everyone will like them or get on with them.

The claustrophobic feel I believe that is being reffered to isn't helped by the insanely firm clamp that these have on your head, and whilst they aren't overly bulky and in fact quite sleek, they are a substantial feeling headphone that can make you feel like you are clamped into them and not wearing them. Although the memory foam is very soft and comfy.


If you like your emphasis on clarity, and a brighter sound then you will hate these, if you like a wide and open sound, then you also won't like these. If however you like a very warm sound then you should get on just fine with these, if you like a powerful smooth sound then they should also be fine, and if you like earth shattering base, grab yourself an E11, put it on EQ2 and be lost in a trance of insane sub-like base that you have never heard before - you may not return back.....


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