Naim Uniti 2

Tested at £2795

The new version will ensure the Uniti continues to lead the market the original created


Had a Uniti 2 with Monitor RX8's for a year. The ease of use and functionality is amazing. It immediately connected to my NAS drive and streams powerline ALAC files. DAB reception is excellent as is FM. I don't really use the front socket but my kids put their ipods through it with no problem.

Sound is fantastic. Rich bass and very sharp. We have another make streamer in another room and there is a dramatic difference in quality (possibly not proportional to the cost difference).

Construction seems robust, it is certainly quite heavy. The display is utilitarian but sufficient. I use my iphone to control it but I find the software that comes with the NAS drive more reliable than the NAIM.

Downside:- The CD drive has a problem recognising discs. It has had to go back to the factory. See the NAIM forum, I am not alone.

 I am still very happy with my purchase but that will depend on how the CD problem works out.


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