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Technika BRSS10

Tested at £90

Affordable and affable it may be, but the BRSS10 won’t trouble many rivals at this pricepoint

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  • Decent build quality for the money
  • a watchable Blu-ray picture
  • easy-to read-display
  • connectivity is commendable for the price


  • There'
  • s a warmish hue to the colours
  • sound is somewhat flat
  • complicated remote control

If you're a frequenter of Tesco or the store's online website, direct.tesco.com, you might have come across this sub-£100 Blu-ray player.

Compared with rival players, the BRSS10 has a notably narrow chassis, but build quality is par for the course. A combination of neon blue numbers and letters makes the display easy to read.

The elongated remote is responsive, but the button positioning is over-complicated, with the d-pad a fair distance from the main playback buttons.

BD playback is watchable
Connectivity includes an HDMI input, USB input and ethernet socket, for accessing BD-Live content. The BRSS10 can either bitstream HD audio formatsor decode them onboard and outputs LPCM.

Blu-ray playback is watchable enough. Detail levels are fine for the money although the colours have a subtle, warmish tint.

DVD playback is okay, but with regards both formats, the class-leaders produce a sharper, cleaner image.

Spin Clash of the Titans and the player produces quite a flat sound. Once again, the top machines at this money display greater subtlety and dynamics.

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