Tannoy Revolution DC6T SE

Tested at £999

Best floorstander £800-£1500, Awards 2013. These Special Edition speakers ooze fantastic all-round ability: they’re very special indeed


can these speakers be used as a part of home theatre package, pairing them with say Yamaha 1030??? or will the 200 watts power be under utilised.......... not getting them to perform/shine to their peak???

Yes, they could be used in a surround package driven by the Yamaha. Power wouldn't be an issue.

Is Rega Brio R a good match for the DC6Ts? Rega's output is 2 x 50 W RMS, while the Tannoys can handle a max continous power (RMS) of 100W each, so on paper it seems ok but I would like to hear also a proffesional's opinion. Many thanks

Would anyone be able to tell me why the tech specs never give the frequency range of speakers? Surely it is the most funamental of specs.?

The claimed figures are 30Hz to 35kHz (-6BD). Quite good figures for a floorstander without an enormous bass driver and good sensitivity. You could always round out the bottom end with a good sub, if desired (I'm considering a Bowers & Wilkins PV1D)

That particular spec isn't in our database so we can't display it on the website.

Would anyone be able to tell me if the Tannoy revolution DC6T could be runned by the Marantz CR603 all in one system ?

Thanks in advance.


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