Sony Xperia Z

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A smartphone triumph for Sony and one capable of taking the fight to the Google Nexus 4


I have read many reviews of this phone and I have to say that for what HiFi this is very superficial and more than a little disappointing for a publication of this quality. If this was I phone "6" or "S4" What Hifi would be fawning all over it; fleshing out every last detail gushing the virtues etc.

What Hifi seem to begrudge any technical advantage this product brings to the market with backhand comments like "the S4 will have it soon anyway" etc etc.

You make little of the IP ratings but in the real world we all have accidents involving getting our phones wet and its admirable that Sony have managed to achieve these ratings without the phone looking like a builders toughened radio but again little credit is given.

Having seen the screen quality in shop, the full HD and ppi advantage does produce something special; I seem to remember the squeals of delight from your reviewers when reviewing the I phone screens at the time but compare the I phone 5 screen to the Sony and you just want to put the I phone back.

The benchmarks simulating real world applications and use completely trounce the S3 and HTC but not a mention here.

Most disappointingly for a predominantly HIFI centric Mag' Have you really compared Beats Audio to Sony, if you had, you would say again the Sony wins for coming closest to real audio quality and refinement but no mention.

I could go on but really what Hi Fi if you are going to headline a review of what is arguably the best and most powerful smart phone out there, you should at least have produced a more creditable and detailed review and even a side by side comparison with the best of the opposition.

If this technology area warrants merely a bandwagon or me too approach, then What HiFi please do us a favour and stay with what you do best. 

Well given that our verdict on it is five stars, "a real stunner" and "a smartphone triumph and one capable of taking the fight to the Google Nexus 4", I'd hardly say we were being begrudging in our review. And yes, the 1080p screen is a beauty, as we say.

As for a comparative test against its rivals, that's something we'll be doing in the magazine.

Looks good, although maybe a tad behind the HTC One in style. But that waterproofing is a great idea. My old HTC Desire HD was retired after spilling hot milk on it (The sprog's, not mine Smile )


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