Sony STR-DN1010

Tested at £500

This price-point is more competitive than ever before, and a one-trick pony like this Sony is off the pace


Hi!I got problem whit it!Maybe someboddy can help.It worked fine more than year,but now there is not any sound come out from it.Everything is working(picture is fine)but no sound,

either you've lost connection somewhere,or your set up menu needs inspection .but if theres no sound from all inputs,your av receiver may be due a visit to a sony service center. Might be the power amp...

what have you think off when you have testint thi avr,i an 15 of my frind have this and we think that its sony have com longest when it comes to sound and picture,and onkyo pioneer etc then you give 5 star they so give up watt in 6 ohm that is wrong it should and have been in many yars test a reciver in 8 ohm,that you give the sony str-dn1010 3 star i dont under stand but 3 other sony reciver then you give 5 star no no this is wrong,i live in norway and i can see that we test better then what hifi

Not terribly sure I understand the details of your point, but as ever it's your opinion that counts. Well, along with that of the 15 friends with whom you share the Sony...

Well I can assure you it's not!

I know its not a H/K unit,i was just pointing out the Sony av reciever looks like a H/K unit.So serious folks!

Looks like a harman kardon unit from pic!


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