Sony MDR-570LP

Tested at £30

If you are looking for comfortable, portable, on-ear headphones these are fine all-rounders


1st an apology for my hastily written and un-thoughtful post before:

For:  Heavy Bass.

Against: Very uncomfortable (feels like your ears are being squeezed), terrible for general use; a distinct lack of frequency range, and the bass in heavily muffled.

These are among the most uncomfortable headphones I have ever worn; they stay on by applying pressure directly to the ear from the pad.

The styling is bland (I purchased these on brand recognition).

Sonically they are no match for any other headphones I have worn.

These headphones seem completely incapable of low and high frequencies, and some sounds are completely drowned out once any low frequency is emitted from the speakers.

I would find it hard to justify one star, and I am so bewildered by the review of these on this site, I am left wondering if it’s truly impartial, or whether the person that reviewed them has severely impaired hearing compared to me.

I don�t know who wrote this useless non-descript review (did they even listen to them?)

These are not good headphones; they are tight and stay on your head by pressing / squeezing your ears.

The sound quality is among the worst I have heard.

Unless you suffer from being tone deaf and can only hear a very narrow frequency range, you will not like these headphones.

The bass is muffled and overall the sound quality and comfort is such an issue that you will want to stop using them after a very short space of time.


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