Sony KDL-46HX853

Tested at £1250

Best 46-47in TV, Awards 2012. A really outstanding performer at the price


This Sony TV is based o the same innards as the 55 itch would dispatch the rest in this review as we have seen. The Samsung set reviewed in this test isn't based on the ES8000 not a fair comparison! 

The question is what happens when the ES 8000 55 inch competes with the HX 853 inch?? 

the samsung es8000 is an achievement but it averages £2500 for the mix of gimmicks & looks,yes its an amazing tv,buti would still pick the £700 cheaper sony 55 hx853. The sony & samsung are at similar pricepoints in the test so its not an unfair comparison,& the 46 hx8 leaves the samsung trailing...a lot.

take note sony,this is what happens with realistic pricing & consistent backlighting! (although ive been lucky twice in 2 years with fairly uniform screens.)


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