Sony KDL-40HX853

Tested at £1000

Awards 2012 Product of the Year - TVs. A stunning set.



i wonder if all the HDTVs have built-in 1080 upscaling capabilities/Circuitary.

And are they any decent?

I am Planning to buy a 2014 SONY BRAVIA FULL HD LED TV.Though samsung gets shouted a lot around,i prefer Sony anyday! 

So i'm curious if the Sony LED tv i'm planning to purchase would ever upscale SD DVDs/Set-top Box videos to 1080i/p natively by itself and if yes,how well?

The link below is the Sony LED i'm aiming for thats just anEDITEDd during CES 2014!

Any replies from WHF Experts would make my day or even the year thats full ahead:). 



And here is the link;


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