Sony BDV-N7100W

Tested at £600

Best cinema system, Awards 2013. A fantastic all-in-one system that delivers excellent picture, sound and a variety of streaming features


I am afraid to say I am very disappointed in the sound, the base is very poor. I previously had an old Panasonic system which was not worth repairing at a fraction of the price, however the sound had a good bass and depth, this system is very tinny/bright in comparison. Also you cannot adjust the subwoofer separately you can only use the preset sounds. I bought this on the review by whathifi without listening to it first which was a bad mistake. I hope I can get a full refund as extremely let down on the sound quality and lack of subwoofer adjustment, especially on low volume where you want extra bass punch.

The picture quality from the DVD is excellent. 

There is one solution for that which I have tried and it worked. You must have performed speaker calibration by connecting microphone that was supplied. This would have automatically set the gain for all speakers as well as your sub-woofer. You could go back to Audio Settings>Speaker Settings and change the gain for subwoofer. I increased to 2dB and I'm getting more base from my subwoofer now.

I do agree with you in that Sony could have given us easy control to EQ settings.

What about with music? i miss this important point in the review. 

Music performance mirrors that of film. For a system such as this the Sony is detailed and pleasingly expressive. Rhythmic drive is good, and it sounds at home on a wide range of music. Don't expect separates hi-fi levels of insight or entertainment and you won't be disappointed.


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