Sony BDP-S390

Tested at £90

Best Blu-ray player up to £100, Awards 2012. Undoubtedly a talented and affordable disc-spinner


This is a poor may I say very poor Streaming device, I bought this mainly as a way of viewing Netflix and from day one it has been stalling, buffering and I have given up trying to watch a movie from Netflix through it.The customer service from Sony is disgraceful, they eventually started laughing at me on the phone as I tried to explain that all other devices in my house stream netflix flawlessly including an Apple TV, Nintendo Wii, basic 7" android tablet, iPad's and smart phones.I would never touch Sony again, disgraceful and horrible customer support.Buy at your peril.

How good is this as a CD or SACD transport through an external DAC?

This one took a while.  I bought mine in April. Amazon first listed it in January. Clare received one for review at the end of March.

I would not be suprised if Sony were about to announce the 2013 model Smile A good job I didn't wait for the review before buying.

Anyway, it's an excellent machine and the only criticism is that the S390 is a snail - when playing BBC iPlayer - compared to using the 'TV Portal' on my Humax HDR Fox T2. (Both machines compared using ethernet.)


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