Sonos Play:3

Tested at £260

Best multi-room streaming system, Awards 2013. Sonos's Play:3 is also a cracking little performer


Having listened to both the 5 and 3 I preferred the smaller unit. The sound had a clearer quality. In a stereo setup I imagine this would be even better. And of course there's now the wireless sub too.


Dear all,

Appart from the connectivity andavantages of the Sonos system, I am wondering how it compares in terms of sound quality to a conventional stereo system?
For example two ZonePlayer Play:3 versus a combo of two Q-Acoustics 2010i + Maranttz M-CR603 ? or would the Zoneplayer Play:5 match up?

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I have two Play:5's and have just nabbed myself a Play:3 - it's 15% off all Sonos on Currys site right now! Bargain. Play:5's are great, worth the £100 extra, but quite on the rotund side. Play3's are smaller, still sound awesome but can be snuck anyway anywhere Laughing out loud


The zoneplayers being connected to a router is not a problem - once installed and setup you forget about it. The Sonos system really is awesome! And sounds fantastic for the price too, really is great value for money. And it's future proof  - everything will go wireless sooner rather than later. The only drawback from Sonos at the moment is that I cannot stream directly from my iPhone, or maybe you can? Can anyone help? Cheers.

Against - Requires a wired connection or an optional extra.


I'm pretty sure this is incorrect. Whilst I have never set up one of these it does clearly state on the Sonos network is runs on the wireless SonosNet, and would defeat the point of the the Sonos product range if this was true.

It is accurate - at some stage of the system, a Sonos network has to be wired to your router. From there it creates its own mesh network, independent from any wi-fi system you're running. Most common way is by adding the Sonos Zonebridge (the optional extra we refer to), which hooks up to your router and then wirelessly connects to the Play:3. Fortunately there are plenty of deals around at the moment where you can get a free Zonebridge bundled in with the Play:3.

Yes, that is accurate, but how is this a disadvantage?

So you have to connect it up once to set up. If this was a valid disadvantage you might as well write off the rest of the Sonos range as they all need this aswell!

No, one element must always be connected to the router. But it's no big factor - hence the five-star review and another Award for the Sonos range.

Absolutely! Where do the differences lie?

Pretty much every dealer has them set up to listen, including John Lewis and Richer Sounds.  Based on that alone, I'd say the Play:5 is clearly capable of a larger soundfield and is a bit less stressed when up loud.  But as background listening or in a smaller space the Play:3 still sounds very clean and clear.  And better than you'd imagine from the size of the box.  The numbers denote the number of speakers - it never occurred to me!

The question I really want answering though is how does this stack up against a Play:5 pound for pound. Is the extra £100 worth it for the Play:5?


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