Sky Now TV Box

Tested at £10

A great iPlayer upgrade for a ‘dumb’ TV or an easy way to access Spotify and pay-as-you-go Sky Movies and Sky Sports


I only had mine 24 hours before I was ordering a second! For a tenner it's amazing - couldn't believe you even get batteries for the remote and an HDMI cable.

Using a YouTube guide I got it into Developer mode and added Plex to it in about 3 minutes and can now stream media from my NAS.

I reckon these will sell out really quickly hence buying a second one.

The RoByte app works perfectly and looks good too.

Also install the PlayTo app and you can stream from your android device & NAS drive.

my pre-HD plasma is now Smartish for £10, brilliant. Setup was a doddle, I'm about 30 feet from a new router works fine, but don't forget if you aren't using HDMI you will need 3.5mm Jack To 3 Phonos


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