Simple Audio Roomplayer 1

Tested at £599

Simple Audio offers a good alternative in the affordable multi-room system market, and while it’s not the perfect system yet, it’s definitely worth an audition


It's far from Simple Audio...

I don't want to sound really negative about an innovative product BUT the Simple Roomplayer 1(SR1) just isn't Simple at all and I had ENORMOUS problems, seeing up and mastering this over the Christmas Period.

I've got a pretty good idea of Hi-fi and Computers but there are some things that need to be made clear about the set-up of the SR1 as the software just isn't there IMO. I had eagerly awaited Christmas Day (I'm 51) and never spend much on things for myself but have lots of music on my PC and iPhone and paired SR1 with the Monitor Audio BX5's after a trip to Audio-T in Cardiff. Hefin Jones was most helpful and this seemed like the answer to my new Hi-fi dreams.

Anyway, after the Software had crashed my PC and for some reason also my iPhone, losing all my apps, I finally managed to see the SR1 over my Wi-fi using the ethernet cable. However it just wouldn't play a track although I could see all of the music on my PC. Taking it back to Audio-T with Hefin's help and reloading ALL the software it played and it was VERY GOOD indeed. Tight sound and sounded great with the BX5's.

Getting it back home, yippee! it worked again...twice...then dropped out...then worked...then dropped out and after a final time using a perfectly clean power supply it did the same again and after it disappeared off my network again, I finally gave in and took it back to poor Hefin for a full refund. 

If you turn the SR1 off you are back to square one on setting it all up again I'm afraid.

How disappointing! Well the whole experience was actually.

Before leaving to take the SR1 back, the software still wouldn't close, I was later told that you have to do this in another part of the SR1 software rather than closing with clicking the top right corner cross like most programs and it summed it all up for me that this product isn't right for market and the common Hi-fi man like me.

I took my refund and went to Richer Sounds and bought the Cambridge Audio Minx Xi and after just 15 minutes I had Simple Audio from a product that the ex-Linn people should sit up and take notice of as it's streets ahead and has far more functionality and loads simpler to use. I should have bought the CA in the first place but was driven by the 50 watts to 40 watts bonus of the SR1 and how well the App worked on iPhone at Audio-T.

My verdict says...

1/5 for the SR1 and please improve the software and functionality of what could be a very good Hi-fi Product, the CA Internet radio is far better too.




I have just been informed that à dedicated iPad app is in development and gapless playback will be enabled by the next update!! 

Yes, both developments are 'in the pipeline' although we don't have a date for the next software release yet.

Bring on party mode and the ability to push to Roomplayers and I'll be in the market.


I would have thought the mainstream solution was the Squeezebox Touch which has been able to play 24/96 HiRes since it was introduced.

Your report seems to miss this point.

AFAIK this unit isn't yet able to play gapless. The review oddly never mentions this as yay or nay.

No, we only tested it using the built-in amp. We had a pair of Roomplayer 1 units running as a two-zone system – we haven't tested the Roomplayer II (without amp) yet.

Thanks Andy.  Do you have plans to test the Roomplayer II?  If so, will you also try it with some external DACs?

We can certainly ask for one Smile


Did you test it through another amp i.e. as if it were a Roomplayer 2?  I'm just wondering where the weakness might be.


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