Shure SRH940

Tested at £180

These Shures take no prisoners, but they sound simply brilliant - audition a pair now


In answer to previous questions -

1/ Do they need amplification? - Absolutely not !!  I use these everyday on the street and do a lot of walking with them using only a tiny mp3 player - they sound marvelous. In fact I cannot detect any difference when I use my Berhinger amplifier with them. The same can't be said for SENN HD 650 or ATH-M50 which respond to amplification drammatically.

3/ From what I understand the Beyer Custom One Pro are a bit more like M50s..

The SRH 940 I think are more or less a portable, closed equivalent HD 650. Perhaps a bit brighter and tough the bass is often thought to be modestto my ears it is a very warm headphone with great clarity in the upper frequencies.

People either love or hate these headphones.

I have two negatives to say -

The headband is a mess in looks and durability - the creak and are known to crack. I believe I will replace the headband with a home-made one.

The earpads might be a little thicker - say 5mm more.

Apart from that they are definitely recommended - a lot of sound for €199. I doubt thereis anything cheaper at this price and they lessen the appeal of buying the SENN HD650 (which I had for 6 years)..

I have had them for several months now. I think the reviews that descirbe them as very revealing to the source are correct. You get whats goes in.

Listened through CD-players, Block C-100 and Yamaha CDX-820, combined with Yamaha AS-700 and Luxman L-2.


For the price I think they are unbeatable for now.





EXACTLY!  Those are Super in regards to their performance/price ratio.

The What HiFi review of the shure-940s is correct in every sense and I fully agree with them, only that they forgot to mention one important thing: the 940 model demands some careful positioning in relation to the ears; their sound varies somewhat depending on exact location of the transducer when worn on one's head. I discovered this when first listening to some "white" and "pink" noise tracks on a test CD...

On MY ears, I've found that I need to place the headphones so that my Pinnae (external ears) are more towards the upper-front part of the assemblies, that is, I need to slightly push the earcups to the rear of my head, and very slightly lower them to place the ear canals in the best point . In that sweet-spot, the sound seems the most flat (as in flat freq. response) than otherwise with my ears centered inside the oval earcushions. Other than that and the VERY SLIGHT treble peak already mentioned (that is very minor indeed), these cans are truly revealing and unbeatable (nowadays) for the price.

In respect to those fellows asking if they require an amplifier, I previously believed they did not, as they can be driven even by an inexpensive Nokia cellphone to "adequate" levels... until one day, I had the opportunity of listening to several of MY own records that I took with me to a nearby Sennheiser Store, where I was permitted to compare the inexpensive Shure-940s to the top of the line Sennheiser HD800s... What a revelation!!!  The many times more expensive 800's were NOT that much better!.  At that store, they used the very good "Lehmannaudio Black Cube Linear" dedicated headphone amplifier to demonstrate the HD800s, and only then, I discovered the Shure 940's indeed benefit appreciably when driven by a dedicated amp. In other words, feeding the Shure's from such an amp produces a comparatively large improvment to their sound, that reduces the gap between the Sennheiser HD800's and the mundane Shure 940's to a degree, so that they no longer sound too different.  This effect was so uncanny and intriguing that I ended gathering money and bought the amplifier altogether.  It is not that the Shure 940's are exactly in the same league that the Sennheiser HD800 are, but that the Shure engineers were able to produce a design using much more mundane materials and raised the results so much that they don't sound bad compared to the HD800, which is no small feat, at a small fraction of the HD800's price.  Even the Sennheiser Store employee was shocked when she expecteda much larger difference in sound quality from the Shure's to their flagship dynamic headphone! (her face told it all!).

When someone asks me if I feel sane enough to expend about $830 US dollars in a Lehmanaudio Black Cube Linear amp.. to be used with a "cheap" $315 Us Dollars Shure headphone, I tell them that the combo sound is beautiful, and that the BCL amp can be kept when a better headphone becomes available and affordable enough fot me! My final comment is that this is a true Monitoring headphone: you will certainly NOT enjoy ALL and EVERY record you hear tru them, because this headphone will expose both the good and the bad aspects of them. Amclaussen.

Hi Guys 

I have got a few questions to ask!

1) Are they in definate need of amplification or Not really?

2) Where can One hear them (Test drive)

3) Any Idea how do they compare to Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro





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