Pioneer SC-LX75

Tested at £1500

Pioneer has yet again delivered a great amp: this is dynamic and exciting


Is this amp a good match for the Kef 3005SE or would it be too bright?

I recently purchased this amp, and it is great to see it getting the reviews that i thought it deserved after listening to it and comparing it to the LX85 spec etc.


The amp does have an amazing clarity to it, and some of the advanced features are excellent.


I am using mine with KEFQ300 and Q200 speakers, and some older surrounds with a pardigm subwoofer.


Out of interest, how long do people generally consider it takes to 'run-in' an amp like this to get the best quality, as i want to the the MCACC again, but only once everything is 'settled'?

What speakers are a good match for this? This is equally for both movies and music.

This is the first top-marked lx-7X pioneer AVR since the sc lx71/2 analogue amplifier powered vsx lx70,all 4 stars.No review on the sc lx73 but the sc lx83 was,along with al other sc lx8Xwhich all got top honours ,every single 1 since 2008!Man they dont half rack up the scores with their recievers & with a genuine bdp to go with either of the 3 latest AVRs...its a happy time for any pioneer movie gear fan to say the least!


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