Samsung UE40B7020

Tested at £1500

At first sight it may seem pricey, but in this instance there's no doubt you get what you pay for


It's 140w according to Samsung. No confirmation of standby consumption as yet.

Just an attempt to restate how slim the Samsung is without simply saying "it's very slim" again. Sorry for any confusion.

Impulsive: From what I gather, the only difference between the 7000 and 7020 seems to be the colour of the set itself (the 7000 has a hint of red around the edges). The review says the sound is ok, but no great shakes, which doesn't surprise really, given how thin it is. Hope that helps.

impulsive: I haven't seen the 7000 but the 6000 (in terms of picture quality should be identical to the 7000), where I was able to compare it side by side with other Samsung LCDs. The picture quality is exactly as the review describes -- it's quite stunning. There is great contrast, the colours are bright. Black levels are amazing -- the video playing when I saw it first was Batman in fact and it really does it justice. When you add into the equation the super slim screen and the low energy consumption, it seems like a real winner. If you're in the market for a new TV, it could be worth waiting for the TV Super Test coming out in the May WHF issue.

Saw this today in JL - It is seriously thin and looks gorgeous.

Even my wife took more than her usual 5 second glance and commented on its looks!

Just bought this TV and it's so awesome I can't describe it! See one in your local store and go buy it. Not had any problems with clouding as some people have, maybe due to shipping of the TV.

'But overall this is a hugely impressive TV, doubly so considering it hardly exists in the third dimension at all.'

Someone been smoking something???

What is the power consumption of this tv in its optimized settings for home use?  It would be beneficial, if this (or the official power consumption) values were included in the Tech Specs section.

Just got this set unboxed and setup. Oh this is a thing of beauty! Superb with a bluray feed and also from my V+ box. The internet widget things are a bit of a novelty, but there's not a great deal of functionality there yet.... but i suppose that will develop over time. Overall, I'm delighted with my purchase. Watching telly is now an event not just a distraction!

HI guys,

I bought this TV from John Lewis and was very pleased with the TV until I hooked up my Blu-ray player (Samsung BD-P2500).   Using the BBC Planet Earth Blu-Ray showed lots of noise in the background and a jerky picture in many of the vertical panning shots, and the scene from i-Robot where Sonny jumps from the wndow and runs off into the crowd escaping initially from Will Smith resulted in extremely heavy pixelation around the characters that were moving the most.  Its almost like the picture processing could not keep up with the motion...

In scenes where the motion panned left to right the 100Mhz motion stuff mostly works its wonders, however in particular when motion went vertically it produced a jerky effect like watching someone dance in a strobe at a disco.  Two replacement sets later (each accompanied within 24hrs by a technician from John Lewis) and using different Blu-ray players (also tried a panasonic) I have finally returned the set to John Lewis for a full refund.  The engineers tried a firmware upgrade for a known engineering issue with the 100Mhz motion stuff but to no avail.

Shame as this is a lovely TV with svelte looks and a spec sheet to die for.  It unfortunately does not live up to the credit laid on it from from What Hi-Fi.

I've been looking at TV's for a couple of months now, and I've finally settled on this one (even over the Sony KDL40Z4500 which is being offered at some cracking prices now).

My question is, some versions of this TV simply have the model no. UE40B7020, some have a 'W' at the end and others have two 'W's at the end. Are some packaged with the Samsung Wireless dongle? And if not, is there only one dongle available, as the the only one I've been able to find is the 'WIS-08BG' which is for the 786 and 986 models only it seems.

Thanks in advance.

Has any one else noticed a curious grainy 'orange peel' pattern in parts of the picture which should be uniformly smooth? Side by side with a Sony 40Z4500, the Samsung revealed this patterning - especially in background areas which were neither saturated nor too dark. I found it on several Samsungs - most noticeable on the 40 in version. Why is this? - Could it be related to the LED backlight?

All comments gratefully received


just seen u said the may issue. so dont worry about that. hey there is one thing though do u know how they compare to the sonys cos i heard of some reliability issues.

oh r the black levels good. cos im not watching batman until i get a new tv.

pingin thanks for that. the bit about batman looking good i was especially glad to hear because im not watching it untill i get a tv that can do it justice and give me the wow experience i had when i was younger. will take ur advice though and read the supertest. is that the one out this week?

saw the 7000 in currys and WOW. But noticed whf say they are different. just wondered what these diferences where oh and is the sound anygood cos cant get over how they fit it all in this elegant tv.

thanks pingin. i thought that was the case and it does look good in the red. and they didnt say the sound was that bad so could get over that and i guess there is alawys the option of adding a sound bar. just wondered if u had seen it in the flesh. cos im lookin for a tv with a good quality pic like the w4500 but with out the cloudin issues.

Hi - is this TV share anything in common with this model: Samsung LE40B550A5

I was extremely tempted to part with my cash when I first saw this TV, however, the kind man at the big superstore said to hang on for the 8000 series, which has 200hz.

"Just an attempt to restate how slim the Samsung is without simply saying "it's very slim" again. Sorry for any confusion."

Don't apologise Simon, I thought it was a very clever comment. 'manicm' obviously didn't get it. Possibly. Smile

The first generation of OLED can trounce the latest LCD! Trust the koreans to come in first with this....To bad the kuros are overpriced and strategically bombed out.

There is no competition! That OLED contrast range, in real terms is what steals the show, only the human eye can see more!

I was very impressed with this set when I demoed it in Tottenham Court road yesterday.. until I saw that there was no fixed LAN connection and the dongle was only wireless.. a bit short sighted...  with 3D tech and blueray we will exhaust the bandwidth of wireless prior to wireless speeds catching up with fixed lan...

Having spent a while in looking at tvs, plasmas, lcd & Led's, the LED won due to picture quality, sleekness, it's not bad for gaming either.

only thing thats anoying is you get emails from Samsung saying new widgets coming soon, such as bbc iplayer/lovefilm.

But what they don't tell you what model it's for.

come on Samsung


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