Samsung STB-E7500

Tested at £270

One of the best-performing, most flexible Freeview HD TV recorders you can buy


Really, dont buy this.

It might have all the bells and whistles but after owning one for a year I can assure you that none of them work well.

The PVR misses the ends of the majority of programmes by 2-5 minutes, it needs to be pretty much on top of your router to get a wifi signal for the smart huband it often doesnt recognise that recordings are clashing causing it to crash.

The Samsung crashes and needs rebooting at least 4 times a week and often twice a night for no apparent reason, the sound for some reason sends all the vocals to the left speaker and the music/backround sounds to the right!? This happens at random and requires a re-boot to correct.

The navigation on this box is a nightmare, it didnt automatically update BBC4 HD needing a complete set-up which necessitated reprogramming all series/individual recordings,  and having just had an update from Samsung Ive discovered I have lost the ability to set channels as favourites meaning I have to navigate a few hundred channels to find the one i want.

I had a £100 Goodmans box for 5 years previously and it performed infinately better than this PVR.

Can you set this to record remotely over the web?

For a similar price you can get the Panasonic DMR-PWT420 which includes a Blu-ray player and has similar features. All the new 2012 Panasonics have really quiet hard disks and are very stable. I am surprised What Hi-Fi have scored this Samsung so high as it would seem to be a 4 star item not 5.



Agree with the general overview but the one key point that they missed out is that harddrive is as noisy as hell, even when not recording or in playback. I have this in the bedroom, and I can hear it over the TV speakers. It drives me crazy and for that reason alone I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else.

Strange how this, and other Samsung PVRs, get such mediocre reviews on Amazon...

I'm hoping HD PVR prices will drop after the Olympics so will consider this along with the Humax Freeview HD one.

On my 2nd one after the 1st failed to record anything, Amazon replaced with no hassle. 2nd unit is great, it took a while for the smart features to come along but iplayer and lovefilm are now supported. Very pleased.



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