Samsung BD-DT7800

Tested at £250

Product of the Year, Awards 2011. A superbly simple Freeview HD and Smart TV upgrade for older or more basic TVs


Our Digital Stream HD recorder failed after 2 1/2 years, so rather than flog a dead horse, we purchased the similar Samsung BD-E8500 3D Blu ray recorder Jan 2012.

We wanted just one box & to get rid of the old dvd player, ie; a recorder / dvd player with wifi technology to view BBC iplayer, ITV player & youtube etc. Pro's - set up was very easy, including wifi, recorded picture/sound  quality excellent, then come the cons - slow to connect to wireless network, slow to access anything, baring in mind we have 20 meg cable broadband & regularly receive between 13 - 15 meg of that 20. Despite the salemans advice it could not access itv player, did not even try BBC iplayer.

The biggest con - is that the recording facility seems like an afterthought - easy to programme from the tv guide menu, but try to record from 24hrs onwards & you have no hope by using the tv guide as all of the itv channel info is missing, so you have to revert to manual programming for recording in thr future - which is a complete nightmare & not a quick process.

I stated my needs to the saleman in John Lewis, he recommended this box (shares in samsung maybe). Returned it for a full refund, no quibbles & a different salesman told me, so please take note - "The processors are too small & this type of box is in its infancy - ie similar to how windows 95 would seem today regarding technology" !

My advice - Don't fall for Samsungs marketing or salesmen or Hi Fi buffs waffle - Regarding internet networking, wait for the technology to grow & be of any use !

P.S. Does anyone make an HD box that just records - without the other unusable rubbish ?????

Again, you have to wonder why What Hi-Fi would give 5 stars with all its drawbacks.

It just devalues the 5 star rating and saps confidence in the What Hi-Fi brand which is a shame.

So what if it got a ‘product of the year’ award and the previous comments just add to the perception of a sub standard device?

Samsung must have a very good PR department.



The recorded picture quality is excellent, and the smart hub works well, with great BBC iplayer in HD. However, the firmware is dreadful, like a beta version. As others have noted, the box will interupt your viewing when it begins or ends a recording, and switches itself on randomly ( and it is not quiet ). The viewing and deleting of recorded material is also clunky. First you must switch between play and edit modes, than select the file, select "tools", scroll to "delete", scroll left to select yes, and then confirm. Five key strokes!

However good it is, without the abiliity to record 2 channels at once its fatallly flawed for my needs, it seems like a silly corner to cut. YMMV

Looks to be the same as the BD-D8500 without the blu-ray.  If so then it probably has the same playback bugs as that device.  My BD-D8500 was  month at the menders not being fixed.  Samsung seem to feel no obligation to fix the firmware.   Buyers should see customer reviews of the BD-D8500 and at least seek assurances concerning these problems which are very irritating I assure you.

I would whole heartedly agree with the comments above. On the face of it this seems a great box. But living with it is very irritating!

Can only record one program at a time – I knew this up front and for me is not a big deal.

When recording, all you can do is watch live TV or another recorded program. You cannot listen to music, view photos, use any internet applications (You Tube, i player etc) or even access the settings page

But the most irritating thing is if you are watching a recorded program when it starts to record another, it switches the program you are watching off. You can go back in and re-start it, but it re-starts from the beginning and you then have to fast forward and try and find where you got up to – it does this every time!

Luckily the shop I bought it from, Richer Sounds have allowed me to swap it for a Humax box.


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