Yamaha RX-V373

Tested at £250

Best home cinema amplifier up to £350, Awards 2012. A fantastic first step into the realm of 5.1 sound


    Just wanted to put my thoughts down to this wonderful AV receiver....Before I do I will tell you that I just retired a Yamaha AVX 700 after 25 years of great service and still going strong..but my reasons for buying this was the digital world.    I Read quite a few reviews on AV amps and I knew this was the one for me having similar features to the one that I had retired..Easy set up... great sound and well built.   The first thing I noticed after getting it was how heavy it was ( not quite as heavy as my older one) with a sturdy metal casing.. The remote was less complicated then my old one due to the fact it did not accommodate tape players and vynal, plus digital has lessened the connections by far....It was phono all the way back then.      I also treated myself and bought the Monitor Audio Bronze BX 5's with matching centre and rears and the final one a Yamaha YST 50(self powered) Sub...All need good control from a good amp,and the Yamaha being 6ohms it controlled the speakers well as they are easily driven and this Yamaha does the job with ease, which proves the power of the little gem..The main speakers are Bi wired for the best possible sound and even though very thick,3/4"... went into the binding quite easy.The other speakers are attached with spring mounted grips which grab the bare wires for connection...Everything was very neat and tidy...The sub just plugged straight in by phono...Before I attached any equipment I decided to use the sound set up device provided in the box...YPAO (Sound Optimization for Automatic Speaker Setup)..You place the device at ear level,usually where the main listner sits ( I used a camera tripod which was perfect for the job)then just plug in and press start..it goes through 2 different tones and wave noises for the sub and that's it.But be warned it can mess up the Hz so no bass comes through. You can of course set up the parameters of the speakers manually also, but to be honest the YPAO did a wonderful job, apart from what I just mentioned...In fact you can set everything up manually for those of you that like to tweak...One nice touch is being able to pre set the main volume at switch on...just so you don't blow your ears when the amp is switched on from cold...Attaching equipment is also very easy and everything is HDMI, but you do have component and Optical should you need it, also with monitor out and audio out..The main HDMI is ARC (audio return channel)Sub Note...Definition: Audio Return Channel (ARC) is a very practical feature that has been introduced in HDMI ver1.4. What this function allows, if both a home theater receiver and a TV have HDMI ver1.4 and offer this feature, is that you can transfer audio from the TV back to a home theater receiver and listen to your TV's audio through your home theater audio system instead of the TV's speakers without having to connect a second cable between the TV and home theater system.................and this means when you turn the amp on by pressing the BD/DVD button on the remote it will turn on your blu ray/dvd player..but your TV needs this ARC also for it to work...Check the back of your TV..This does not mean it will not work even if your TV does not have this...If it does though your TV remote can control the volume of the amp..Sorry I digress.....At first I connected all my equipment with HDMI... Blu Ray....XBox 360...and Humax freeview box...but then I realised that I had to listen to everything through the amp itself...not always a good thing ...there are a lot of times when I just want to listen to the TV (which by the way is an LG42LM670T)..I tend to use the amp more with movies....SO... I decided to unplug everything except the Blu ray player and this enabled me to do what I wanted....So....I watch my TV...Humax box and Games machine through the TV alone, but with one press I can have it all running through the amp, whenever ''I'' want to.... My blu ray movies are watched through the amp...It's a perfect world for me...When I first tried the amp with 5.1 dolby pro logic..I was amazed at the steering and the quality it delivered...the rears being stereo too ( my old one were only ever sent a mono signal).. but the best for me was the speech being so clear even when there was a lot of action going on...my old one couldn't manage that because it was stereo only and pro logic 'analogue'...I had realised what I had been missing with these new digital recordings..Some people have commented that it ''Runs out of steam''....**WHAT**... are they deaf...take this with a pinch of salt..It's more powerful then you'll ever need and if you turn it up you'll be pinned to the back of the seat..Well it does with MY speakers....One thing I haven't mentioned yet is it has a built in Tuner.. with RDS and ribbon streaming of the program being listened to...that's a great bonus and it's a good tuner to boot...it comes with a single strand of copper wire coated in plastic to receive the stations, but it's more then enough... but I do live in a good reception area so maybe extending this will have to be done by certain people.A critical point in some peoples reviews on this Amp... do they have good speakers and are they placed correctly...if not they will slate the amp...but trust me.. you get out what you put in... and this stems from the beginning with the disc your playing, then the bluray/dvd player next... then the speakers....Don't worry about the amp delivering,because it will with ease.SO...to summarize..It's well builtfantastic sound and steering deliverynice looking (personal opinion)easy to set up and use.Get this beauty while you can and don't waste your money on the more expensive amps..unless you really want those extras such as Wi-Fi and upscaling...This will deliver just what you want.. Happy Audiophiling.

Hey Guys,


Potentially a good deal here, i can get RX-V373 bundled with Jamo S426HCS3 (without the woofer). How do you think these two would match?


Aside from that if i get it im then planning on getting a dedicated woofer in the near future(any suggestions for a cheap but decend woofer that could do 30hz range?).


Cheers, Milos

Should be a good match as the AV is 6ohm and can deliver 5x85 watts...they will certainly give you a lot of clout..AS to the sub...just make sure it's an active one as the amp does not supply power to a sub...I have a Yamaha sub which gives more then enough Humph and Grumph watching movies..Your speakers should be more then enough though..so after a good run in listen to see if you really want to spend on that Sub..I only have MY sub because I have owned it a good while now...I don't really need it as I use Monitor Audio BX 5's..Hope you enjoy your new set up..Cheers



How well will this system cope with a cambridge minx 5.1 speaker setup?

I have two min20s and will probably finish the system with two min11s and one min21 (for centre)


Will mixing the old and new mins be ok? Are they a good pairing with this amp?


thanks in advance

Hi..Just need to clarify something..

In the What HiFi tables it says this is 7 X 85w channels..

When you look at the Yamaha manual it is only a 5.1 channel amp and even then be careful because the  SUBWOOFER output is only for ACTIVE woofers so really its only a 5 X 85w output.. Unless there is another way to attach a subwoofer, its not really obvious & the mag needs clarifying as you could think this is a nice upgrade for an older 5.1 cinema surround amp but using your existing speakers when in fact you would need o buy an active subwoofer...?

The What Hi Fi technical specs actually say 5x85....what did you read..??

Hi Everyone, Pls. advise me on following.

 I am considering V373 for my uncle’s birthday gift. He has a huge collection of Venial LPs and didn’t use them around 6/7 years, as his old music system died. His first interest would be music then Movie. I am thinking of SONY SSF-5000 Floor Standing 3 way speaker. My budget is tight ->$400.

Considering :

1. V373 ->for future expandability to 5.1 and Auto Room Calibration

2. SSF-5000 –> For 8" mica reinforced woofer, which may fulfill lack of Subwoofer up to some level.

My Query:

1. How will this setup work (e.g. Does V373 supports stereo mode)?

 2. If he plays 5.1 movie, will all those channels sound will be pass through the Two speakers. (So that there might be lack of Surround Sound, but no channel’s sound is missing)?

 Best Regards.

If your Uncle's first love is music, then a multichannel amp like this one – good as it is – will always be something of a compromise when it comes to stereo music. Yes, the RX-V373 will work well enough in stereo, but a good budget two-channel amp will be better.

As for surround sound, you won't get any of the 5.1 effect if just using two speakers. You'll need a complete 5.1 speaker package for that. Is the plan to upgrade the speakers at a later date for surround sound?

Yes , I would like to give him the opportunity , to upgrade to 5.1 in future.

Is there any way (Any setup), that all the sounds of Movie can be driven through Stereo Speakers ?


arif wrote:
Yes , I would like to give him the opportunity , to upgrade to 5.1 in future.

Is there any way (Any setup), that all the sounds of Movie can be driven through Stereo Speakers ?

Yes, the receiver will have detected during set-up that it only has stereo speakers attached, and when playing back surround content will let you either run them in stereo or Virtual Cinema DSP, where the signal processing will attempt to create surround effects from just two speakers.

One other point worth noting is that, unless your uncle's turntable has a built-in phono stage, you'll need an external phono preamp between it and this Yamaha.

Looking at pairing this with Tannoy TFX. Would this combo work? I have read some reports that Yamaha and Tannoy may be too warm sounding together? Main use will be movies & games.

Your review says 5.1 but the spec says 7 channel not knowing a lot about the amps I may be wrong but 5 channel makes more sense!

Which speakers would get the most from this system?

It's definitely 5.1. We'd recommend the Q Acoustics 2000i 5.1 speaker package to go with it. If that's too big, a smaller alternative is the Tannoy HTS-101.

Your review says 5.1 but the spec says 7 channel not knowing a lot about the amps I may be wrong but 5 channel makes more sense!

Which speakers would get the most from this system?

I would like to see this model compared to the Pioneer VSX-527. They are in the same price range and the Pioneer includes internet radio and DLNA.

Are you planning on testing the Pioneer VSX-527?


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