Russ Andrews Powerkord-8

Tested at £75

A pin-sharp cable that will make an excellent upgrade


Oh dear, lol. Mains leads have no effect on sound quality at all. I thought, being "experts" you would know that.

The only five-star verdict we've given to TCI is for the Coral, our best digital interconnect in 2010.

I'm not sure which review the quote used on the TCI website refers to, but I suspect it's an old one.

Was your sample from Russ Andrews have the burn in process already applied to it? They offer this service for another £15 on top of the £75 for the cable itself.

Also, i have some TCI Baby Constrictor Fig.8 cables in use but i can't seem to find a review for them on your website even though they are What Hi-Fi 5 Star rated on the TCI website? Is this correct? and how would these compare to the Powerkord-8?

Thanks for listening Smile


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