Russ Andrews Crystal CU

Tested at £184

The quirky-looking Crystal Cu is a class leader


dear what hi fi team, the hero interconnect and the crystal cu are the same interconnect apart from the different colour outer insulation - how can they have different review scores ?

I must also agree with the What Hi Fi review. These, to my ears sound like top quality cables with mounds of effortless detail throughout the frequency spectrum.

In the context of an all Rega system however, I found that these cables do seem to paint a kind of two dimensional stage. What I mean is that while instruments appear to be focused and in place between the speakers, there's no portrayal of their position behind or in front of the speakers. There's no stage depth. Having said all that, I am sure given right system the Crystal Cu's would sing a lovely song.

Id have to wholeheartedly agree with the review. Reveals bags of detail and texture. Lots of energy and dynmaics too.


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