Rotel RA-10

Tested at £350

The Rotel sounds good, but rivals offer more insight and better digital features


Getting a bit better sound by sacrificing a remote while keeping the price down and  compete with marantz ?? Thats a shame...The remote is a must/no cost feature.

Thats why I'm getting tired of budget products more and more...

Hi Guys,

i have to choice beetwen these two rotels.

ra10 320 eur vs ra05se 400 eur

which one is better in term o quality sound, bass extention and power?

i currently have indiana line arbour 4.06 speakers but i will probably upgrade with new speakers during next months

i mainly listen electronic music, jazz and experimental pop


thanks a lot in advance 

The two amplifiers have a similar character, but I think I would go for the RA-10. I think it sounds just a little cleaner. It doesn't have a remote, though.

Its a little dated of Rotel to exclude a remote. Even if I wanted to increase the power in the future by using this as a pre-amp and getting one of their power amps - there would be no remote to make use of. Even the most basic budget amps now have remote controls. Any one know the answer to my first question about the slightly harsh treble?

The Rotel RA-04SE was critisised for having a slightly harsh trebble. Does this mean Rotel have fixed this issue with this new RA-10 version? I would quite like to see a bit more power for this budget amp (around 50-80 w seems to be the standard now). 

Any news about the RA-12 review?

Great to see Rotel competing at the top of the pile.  I've always liked their amps and I still suspect one of the latest Rotels might be a great fit with my B&W 685s.  Like plasterman, I'd be interested in reviews of the RA11 and RA12, although I believe the 11 is simply an RA10 + DAC, whereas the 12 is more powerful.

Bare screwheads on facia? Nasty. 

Not bare screw heads BTW.  They take an Allen key...and some of us think that they are rather nice.

Not such a big deal in the real world.

Good to see the new Rotel's getting the once over from WHSV any chance of the RA 11/12 next?


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