Rega Brio-R

Tested at £480

Best stereo amp £400-£600, Awards 2012. Want a musically engrossing amplifier that doesn’t cost silly money? This is it.


Would these amp

be a good match for a pair of Totem Dreamcatchers? Specs on these speakers is 4ohm, 87.5 senstivity, 2 way standmounts. Thanks in advance! 

Thanks guys, im running them in, the amp powers through it with no problem, brings out a very crisp clear sound.

What are your thoughts on purchasing an additional phono amp to go with the Rega amp?

You see I have a RP1 turntable and am always looking to improve the sound, i already want to upgrade the needle to the Elys 2, then eventually upgarde the motor and purchase the TT PSU, however if I buy an additional Rega phono amp(Aria/Fono), is it going to improve the sound considering the B Rio has an oustanding phono stage built in already?

Thanks guys!

I have the same experiance with 6 ohm speakers on a 8 ohm recomended amplifier.

no problems, and i do a full load test with a heavy metal cd. (Maiden)

Much of the speakers today are 6 ohm types and i think the manufacturers choose for 6 ohm of the ability to get more sound quality out of the box. 

I've been using this amp for alost two years now. Its really sweet, much more musical than the Rotel it replaced.

For the person who asked about driving 6 ohm loads, I have  a pair of PSB t-2 speakers that rate between 6 and 4, and it drives them with absolutely no problem. 

The phono stage is also really nice. 

The only tick I discovered is that if you use input #5, you can't listen it on a headphone amp. That is by design. Something about limiting feedback. 

Basically, just a really nice amp. Its unbeatable at its price point. TAS still has it in its best of list. 

It reads in the booklet supplied that "Rega recommends using loudspeakers with a norminal impedanceof 8 Ohms. It is possible to run speakers as low as 4 Ohms such units may cuase to exceed 40 degrees above the ambient temperature" 

I have bought the Monior Audio Silver RX6 speakers, which are at 6 Ohms. Is this going to effect the amp or the speakers in the long run? Is this covered by the warranty? 

Feedback will be much appreciated!

Very good buy. To be honest even better than my Panasonic GT50 in case of happiness after buying. I'm using this as my RP1 turntable amp, streaming from PC through DAC and as speakers for TV. I dont rally see any reason to go with some fancy 7.1 speakers, where from Rega Brio and Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 I'm getting outstanding sound.As promised after few months of use it sounds even better.


DO NOT Despair if this amp does not live up to expectation and you're running it through your computer!

I excitedly purchased my REGA, nervous because i'd just bought a pair of KEF R-100's and was hoping to be blown away! I WASN'T!? I almost took the AMP back… the set up sounded hollow, bleak and was fatiguing to listen to!

I tried to convince myself that this set up was good… that i wasn't used to listening to high fidelity and that it would grow on me! I blamed the way i was listening to it!?! Haha

Hem… here's where i show my naivety! I thought that if i pushed my music through ITUNES on my MAC Book Pro into this sort of set up that it would sound good. KEF and REGA disagreed!!

So i bought a CD player (Marantz CD6004) and some CD's.

Oh GOSH! We have entered an entirely different world where stark becomes musical and soundscapes become apparent!

Sorry to go on… basically i'm overjoyed with this AMP but give it the respect it deserves when deciding how to run music through it :Innocent


MARANTZ CD6004 / REGA BRIO R / KEF R100 - £1400 of pure magic! 



still LOVE this thing. whenever i listen to a song i forget hi-fi and enjoy music. just wanted to share that Smile

I needed a new amp so home auditioned this and the marantz pm6004. the marantz was good and i thought maybe good enough but then i used the Rega and fell in love. I'm one of these people who was sceptical about how much difference an amp makes but honestly, it's way better than the marantz in every way. when it's on im constantly wanting to dance or sing to the music. i listen to all sorts - interpol, adele, johnny cash, glasvegas, radiohead, unkle, chris barber's jazz band, metallica, fischerspooner, massive attack, leftfield. I'm using squeezebox touch and q acoustics 2020i (adding a sub soon.) I don't think the amps is bright at all, maybe the dacmagic was causing that (in the review below.) I have a brio 3 which i've tried with many speakers including the 684's and it did well with all of them.

only downside are the speaker posts and plastic fascia. excellent amp for the price.brio r sings with my difficult to drive dynaudio audience 52!!thanks whathifi for the review!vocals are excellent to my ears!!

Bought one of these babies several weeks ago after reading unanimously praisegiving reviews here and elsewhere all over the net.

First, the negatives: It looks ugly. I got the 'satin' model to coordinate with my similarly coloured NAD T585 (although I would have just as happily settled for the black model). It has a plastic facia, which makes it look kind of cheap. It also has a glaringly bright red-lit "Rega" logo under the power button, which just looks tacky. It might as well read "Sanyo," the way it glares. Not good.  I have taken to covering it with a sticker. The amp also has a plastic back plate to which all the outputs are connected. It bends inwards with the force of a cable being pushed in. There is only one pair of speaker outs (and no pre-amp out) so your sub must be connected to the same speaker outs as the main speakers. That's no problem though.

It sounds too bright to my ears. I do find my ears becoming fatigued, and longing for a more neutral sound without the apparent bump around the 10K-ish region. I believe the euphamistic description would be "revealing." Yep, this amp is very revealing.

On the plus side, it is very clean, detailed and punchy, with no signs of stress at normal listening levels. And it has a remote.

My main source is a standalone Squeezebox Touch coupled with a DACMagic, loaded with lots of hi-def FLACs (24/96 and 24/88.2) as well as audiophile redbook rips (e.g. MFSL, DCC, XRCD, etc). I also use a NAD T-585 SACD/DVD-A player. My speakers are B&W685s with a Wharfedale Diamond sub.

I love my B&W speakers - they sound awesome to me when paired up with a compatible amp, so if something has to go due to incompatibility, it's gonna have to be the amp. Time to sell.



I purchased one and it is great.

Cannot fault the sound quality.

Forget the 50 watts per channel, it seems more powerful than that.

Had the pleasure of discussing the new Brio R with Roy Gandy himself, over dinner last week. He seemed immensely proud and happy over how this amp turned out. Can't wait to hear this here in our Pacific shores...


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