Tested at £50

A great universal cable that works well across a broad spectrum of portables


It was the QED Reference Audio J2P @£50 that was reviewed here. I've updated the pic.

This product review has a vague name, as searching for it online, I found that there are at least two types of this lead. £15.99 is not such a bargain when it is for a different lead of the same name, so I didn't purchase in the end.

Qed Reference Audio J2P - RRP £50 1.5m

Qed Performance Audio J2P - RRP £23 1.5m

The picture in this given review looks that of the cheaper performance J2P, so I can't be certain which one of the above was reviewed. If I had to guess, it would be the Reference Audio J2P that was reviewed. These have metal caps on the phono end of the lead, not the red plastic ones, as seen in this picture.


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