Q Acoustics 2050i

Tested at £420

Best floorstander £400-£800, Awards 2013. Great value for money, these are well worth a listen for the quality they deliver


I'm  really tempted by these speakers but not sure if its time for an amp upgrade, I have an Arcam A65+ which I run a pair of MIssion M34's off (similar handling to these) and they've always sounded sweet. I love the sound of the Arcam but not sure how well they'll drive these? I have an ecclectic taste in music but lean towards rock and bluesey stuff.

The Arcam should drive these speakers just fine.

I brought these ex display, only because they were a background hifi so would be well run in. These speakers are amazing,  at this price you cant go wrong! They look nice as well as sounding great; the bass can be  too boomy if placed too close to a wall but the bungs provided fix that! The floor ports are a nice touch and add to the look. I run these off my marantz pm6005 and im happy, you seriously cant go better gor a beginner level or on a budget, yes there are better speakers but these ones are perfect! It says 2-4 meters apart but I run 4ft, even this is fine for these speakers. 

I bought because look at what hifi reviewI was disappointed because it made ​​loud music full of bass 

i use denon avr-X2000

I now replace the yamaha avr 2020 and good results with good bass and not excessive

these are seriously amazing speakers, they are equally as good with movies as they are with music

they produce an amazing soundstage and the clarity is second to none

for the money they are a steal

more dynamic than bronze BX5, but a little bit fuzzier at low frequencies, the 1 star difference is not justified (a tear for the losen star of not enough beloved, too shy BX5) I wait the " concept" version of 2050i, who will bee a great thing ! (six stars, perhaps ?) Q acoustics is clearly on the right way with the conception of their three slices cabinets

2050i plus gelcore and other improvements will make q accoustic name higher. 

I got these speakers about 50-60 hrs of listening ago. I  muddled around with some older amplifiers, Creek 4140S2, Rotel 930Mk2 solo and bi-amped and also running off an older HT Amp the Yamaha DSP-A1 and then by chance picked up an 8 watt per channel Tec-On SE34i Valve Amp and wow. 

I think because of the sensitivity, the amp requires greater than 89dB and these are 92dB, the 2050i's just absolutely came alive. 8 watts of valve watts is something I am amazed by.

I am now sold on valve amps, purchased a turntable and am loving all things music again.

Speakers sound fantastic now the rest of the kit has found analogue.

Valve rolled the 2 x Chinese EL34's for 2 x Electro Harmonic EL34H and again a jump in vocals and base clarity, speakers are absolutely brilliant. 


See how they cope with the humidity here in Brisbane as my last British speakers, Mission, died slowly with the roll surrounds deteriorating regularly.


Ive got the 2050i hooked up to an A-S500 amp and the CDS-300 CD player and it all sounds great! these speakers are very power hungry and other lower powered amps just couldn'd cut it.

Also as it says in the review, these speakers really need to be thoroughly ran in. My ones required over 85 hours before they turned beautiful- before this time i was just dissapointed so please bear with them. The ports are at the bottom which is a nice touch but space is a bit limited underneath especially if your bi-amping your speakers and have banana plugs.

Also these speakers are very big compared to other floor standers like CA, Dali's Monitor Audios and therefore you should check you have space for them. They need to be minimum 50cm from an adjacent wall and at least 30cm from a back wall. distance between the speakers should be between 2-4m and toe in can range from 0-30 degrees. i underestimated the space they would take up and as a result they are a bit too big for my room but they are not going anywhere since i do really like them.

Finally, although my amp has a sub out i really dont need one and its the reason i actually chose these speakers. I prefer cabinets that can provide the bass i require since they are designed that way. I feel adding a sub to your stereo system afterwards is not the best idea since many factors need to be considered to make the sub really blend in with the front speakers. So these speakers provide a lot of bass if necessary. if its too much, they also come with rear port plugs which tightens up the overall punchiness of the bass. Win win!


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