Pure Digital PocketDAB 1500

Tested at £85

The best pocket digital radio yet: it’s compact, it’s built to last, it sounds good and it runs on rechargeable batteries. All you need, in fact


I hope next version will have mp3 player too

Initially bought a Bush DAB pocket radio from Argos for £40 which lasted 4 weeks before the display stopped working.  Returned the item and upgraded to the PURE 1500 and was so pleased I did.  A significant step up in quality of sound and build.

Signal strength is improved and DAB stations such as CLASSIC which were hopeless on the BUSH are strong and clear on the PURE. 


Supplied with a set of Sennheiser MX300 headphones and a £5 voucher from Argos at £69.99 make this a fantastic buy on all fronts.

I hesitated to but the PURE 2500 which was another £10 having read a separate review that recommended this version.



I am on my third 1500 and would not be without it..(i've lost count of the number of Sennhieser PX100's that i have got through..the cable breaks after about six months)...

"Pure" are also magnificent in terms of their after-sales service...i got a retrospective warranty replacement after giving serial number details to the company.

As far as DAB goes..put it this way,i will be unhappy when F.M is switched off.

My limited technical knowledge leads me to think that the digital signal,even in the South of England,can never be strong enough,due to it's nature,to be as strong and as high quality as F.M..(?)

In an area where the signal drops-out,DAB becomes unlistenable..you certainly cant listen on a train,and i found that my "old room" in my parents house gave me no signal at all.

Every time you walk under a bridge,tall tree,or underpass,you lose signal altogether,or at the very least,suffer the awful,highly annoying "Soup Dragon" effect interference,that characterizes DAB.

With the weaker signals,just the position of your body,how the headphone lead (antenna) is moving or how you hold the set effects reception.

Digital,it seems just doesnt go "round corners" like Frequency modulated analogue.

This,i feel,is a resounding endorsement of the "Hi Fi ethic". Digital signals are like a series of steps."on off on off"...Analogue a continuous wave...


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