Pure Digital Avalon 300R

Tested at £350

A pleasure to use and a thrill to watch, this is a PVR par excellence


I bought a 1TB Avalon along with a Jongo A3 speaker hoping to connect the PVR to my Hi-Fi to make use of the Pure Connect music function. This function can only be accessed via the remote control (not the Smartphone app) and cannot be linked with the other networked speakers. I need to spend another £99 to get a Jongo A2 to get that functionality so paying this much for a PVR makes it seem a bit expensive. FAIL


The box itself looks very smart and well made but they have missed a fundamental feature on the remote control, this cannot be programmed to give you basic functions of your TV (i.e. power, volume, HDMI i/p etc). If you want to use the box you will need two remotes. FAIL


The picture quality on the HD channels is very good but the SD channels don't seem to have the same clarity as the inbuilt freeview tuner of my 5 year old Sony Bravia (W range). Fail


The issue with the remote control was enough for me to reject the box and it have been packed up and returned for a refund. How could such a basic feature get missed when a £15 freeview tuner box wouldn't sell without it??? At £350 this is overpriced, once the updates start coming through and they update the remote functionality it might be worth considering...


Update: I got a youview box through talktalk instead, that is also flawed but much easier to live with than the Pure and the box was free (with a £120 contract over 18 months but this gives other free access). Youview also have more Ondemand options plus Sky channes (at additional cost).


I bought one about a week ago -Set up was relatively easy - while the box was quick to setup and a delight to use - I have started to experience a couple of issues !BBC iPlayer on first set up was very fast, slow buffer has become a problem when using wired or wirelessly over a bt infinity link - any advice ? (Buffering not an issue with my sky box or Panasonic TV)Also - have a problem getting the sound to work on some channels over HDMI via my primare spa 22- i ended up turning HDMI sound off and sent sound via optical cable (with Dolby and DTS only enabled). Not sure if this a bug with the box or the way its set up locally - any advice?A Great box tarnished .... or a normal early adopter experience - comments?


You are joking!!


Who cares what screws they use round the back, you aint buying the box to look at the screws.

They are going to have to get shot of those tacky countersunk srews holding the fan in place. Why use those when the rest are roundheads?
Is there much fan noise by the way?


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