Sony PS3 Slim

Tested at £250

Leaner and fitter for the fight, this is the best PS3 yet, and a decent alternative to a standalone BD player


Let's hope the Slim lasts longer than the Phat version.  After spending what must be hundreds of pounds on having my original 60gb FAT version repaired every few months (starting about the time the machine passed the two and a half years old mark) I finally cut my losses and trashed it.  I hope my new PHIN (sorry SLIM) lasts a bit longer.

Shame about the lack of SACD support on the new version.  I will have to get a stand alone SACD player now.

Amita - Sony has never confirmed that; until it does, that's speculation, not fact.

PiperUK - We give five star when Sony deserves it, just as with any other brand. Here's all our Sony reviews - plenty of variation, including a recent one-star rating:

Another thumbs up from the 'Sony Fan Boys'.

the manual actually tells you to keep the unit horizontal, its well hidden thou in the manual, not very obvious SONY!!

Got mine yesterday and I agree wholheartedly with the review. It's not the best bluray player out there but how many bluray players can you play Call of Duty on? The sound quality is adequate for my needs and it's streaming quality are actuall quite decent. Wholeheartedly recommended!

The older 'phat' PS3 cannot bitstream HD audio due to hardware limitations with it's HDMI chipset. This cannot be corrected with a firmware update. You guys (at What Hi-Fi) really should know that, it's pretty well documented!

better than most players , if set up correctly ,

For those of you who like to keep it vertically its not as stable as the older one

Can anyone provide any usefull information like how the picture quality compares to other blu-ray players. We all know it plays games very well and will not bitstream HD audio but is there any advantage to getting a Player in addition? Would a £500 player give me anything other than the afore mentioned audio that I don't already have in a PS3?

I have 2010 Denon & PS3 Slim.

Sound Quality in Denon is perfect than PS3.

I tested boths.I hear sound in PS3 & disconnect it & hear with Denon.

in PS3 I think my sound is DOLBY SURROUND &

in Denon2010 I Think my sound is DTS.

Picture Quality & Colour in Denon 2010 is Soft.

PS3 is Sharpness than denon 2010.


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