ProAc Response D18

Tested at £2100

Best floorstander £1500+, Awards 2011. The Response D18s may look ordinary, but are capable of spellbinding sound


Have been using the D18 (in Ebony) for exactly a year now and love everything about it. They are a wee bit bright at the extreme top end but overall I find them very hard to beat especially in this price range. I am partnering them with a Jadis orchestra ref (KT90 tubes) amp and a Naim cd5xs. I found no shortage of bass, infact have yet to hear such texture of base from similarly designed speakers, beyond this price range. Compared them with previously owned Dynaudio countour 1.1 and B&W 805S. Beats them hands down.

try audiovector if you are not from UK, it is better value

A superbly built speakers. One of long term purchase it will be. Have been using these speakers for more than 1000 hrs now and there is definitely no shortage of low ends here.

If you can afford it, buy with confidence, an easily driven speakers. I currently running it with MF M6i but previously was running it with MF XA1 with no issues. Effortless for any decent amps.

We used our reference hi-fi system as detailed here:

Currently demo'ing c. �2k floorstanders and tempted to sample the D18.

Re WHF's comment "that some rivals produce more bass", I've read another review - also a 5-star - which noted that D18s "need hundreds of hours of operation" before the low-end bass kicks in...

So, guess it's essential to find a dealer with demo D18s that have plenty of mileage on 'em.  

I think the hardware used when testing is very important. That's why I would like to know what equipment did the reviewer use to drive the speakers? Or what other amp and cd player would you recomend to go with these?


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