Pro-Ject Streambox DS

Tested at £700

This streamer misses the mark by quite some way; it feels half-finished


I have an Audiolab M-DAC (which I reckon is superior to the DAC included in the Stream Box), so I would have liked to know if the "Lightweight, limp sound" is limited to the analogue output or also found on the digital output. I assume the former, since using the digital output would imply that the function of the device is reduced to simply collecting the data from whatever source and passing it on to the digtal output wihtout messing it up.

Also, I would have liked to know what firmware was installed on the device tested since this is subject to change and could easily address the apparent "issues when streaming high-res files" (also, I don't see the date of the review, so it's hard to guess what firmware version it could have been).




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