Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Tested at £300

Best turntable up to £500, Awards 2012. The latest version of the long-running Debut remains a winner.


I buy this turntable (Esprit III)  a few months ago fitted with the 2M red (Ortofon) and yes, he sounds very good. Next purchase a Nagaoka MP-300 or the 2M black > cable = Van den Hul (The Tames Hybrid) > pre for MM or MC = Pro-Ject Phono Box S.Cable to amp = Monster M1000 > NAD C326BEE cabel to my DIY loudspeakers (Dynaudio units) QED QUDOS. I very like the sound dry, clean and full of deph. And like the say in the review, a wallmount is highly recommented

Well, there's carbon fibre and there's carbon fibre. Quality does vary by different grades and production methods; I know this by riding carbon bicycles for the last ten years, so manufacture of this and keeping to an affordable level is quite feasible imo, I'm sure it sounds great too!


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