PMC Twenty 22

Tested at £1825

Best standmounter £1500+, Awards 2013. If maximum detail retrieval and top class agility are a must few rivals come close


I have a pair of PMC1 which look a lot like these are they a predecessor?


Fine speakers indeed! I would be keen to hear these, with a passive system vs some of the current and upcoming wireless HiFi monitors like the Dynaudio Xeo and the Moos Mini Aero once these are avaiable. I tend to lean towards passives with good components, but the arrival of what appear to be extremely high quality wireless actives is an intriguing development which I am looking to explore.

At last I have found the speaker I've been searching for for three years. What a godsend.

I auditioned the PMC Twenty 22 and B&W PM1 together using the same Cyrus separates as I have at home.

I'd say the tweeter on the PM1 had a slight edge but the total package was badly let down by an over enthusiastic bass response. It was actually exciting the furniture in the demo room.

The PMC is so well balanced in all areas. The trebles and mids are precise, clear, full and detailed. I'm merrily ploughing though different albums / genres and nothing is worrying me. The bass is strong but all well contained within the ATL, cabinet and PMC stand cushioning. Great design and a triumph of forward porting over rear porting.

For me, don't look any further than these in the £2k stand mount category.


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