Pioneer VSX-922

Tested at £250

A highly specified all-round performer that excels at its new price point



I'm considering buying this and using it simply as a an amplifier for the sittingroom hifi.  Are the Magnat Monitor Supreme 1000 good speakers for this amp, or should I go for the Magnat Monitor Supreme 2000.  If I buy the 2000, then I will but only a pair, but if I go for the 1000, I am considering buying 4 as this amp has 4 outputs and I will put one speaker in each corner of the sitting room.


i won't be using the amp for TV or home theatre, but only as a home stereo and would like to have AirPlay too.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

After the price drop I finally decided and bought the Pioneer VSX-922.

I need some speakers now and I am considering buying just the two frontal for now.

I prefer a warmer sound and will mostly use it for music.

Any suggestions?


Assuming you ultimately want to build a full 5.1 system, we'd suggest the Q Acoustics 2050i floorstanding speakers if you've got room, if not the Q Acoustic 2020i standmounters.

What about the new Concept 20? Would the VSX-922 be good enough to feed them and justify the higher price when compared to the 2020i?


While the Concept 20s will sound better than the 2020is with the VSX-922, I don't think the amp is good enough to show you the large difference in quality between these two speakers. Don't forget to factor-in the price of the Concept 20 stands - these are essential for getting the best out of the speakers.

Maybe I am confusing things but is it correct that this amplifier has 3 HDMI video outputs? HDMI Video out 3

No, it has only one HDMI output, apologies. Now corrected.

Question for the reveiwers....

Are you intending to do a re-appraisal of the Denon AVR-2113 any time soon? In my opinion, this should now be a 5 star product, given its sonic capabilities and impressive feature set. At £249/£279, it must be the VSX-922's equal or better.


We'd be happy to take another look at it if Denon was happy to supply us with one.

Hi.I have bought a pioneer vsx-922-k and now i need speakers .Will the bronze bx2 go with this amplifier ,wanted them for fronts ,for surround bx-fx ,bx for centre and bxw-10 for bass.I would use them 50-50 for music and movies.Room size 4x4 m.Had a cambridge s70 floorstanders for a few days and they were not really good had to take them back ,sound was flat needed to turn volume up to hear anything.I want the sound to be good when listening to music with low volume too.Was thinking also about Tannoy mercury v4 ,and q acoustic 2010i or 2020i for fronts.Would any of this speakers go with my amplifier ? I know I need to go an try to listen to this speakers and that is what I am gonna do but I would like to know what you guys thinking .

It looks as though the vsx 922 (as of Nov '12) can now be had in many places for £299. Sooooo does this mean despite falling behind a tad the sheer value at 299 would see it gain a star or two? What other amps can compete for spec and quality at that current price? I am interested because I think I may go for my first av amp and this looks on paper at least (IMO) to now be a bit of a bargain.

At £299 this Pioneer is a far more attractive proposition than it was before. It would make a fine first AV amp.

I was wondering the same. At £299 will this amp make for a better purchase than the Sony STRDH820 for £199? I would ideally like to use the AV amp for music too, replacing my old Alchemist Axiom, as I don't have the space to have two amps in my living room, but I'm not sure how this would compare to my Alchemist for stereo. What stereo amp (Pioneer or otherwise) would you say the Pioneer VSX-922 would sound most similar to?


I've also seen a Yamaha RX-V771 for the same price. How does that compare?

The VSX-922 has now dropped even further in price and is widely available at around £250. That makes a big difference, so we'll be testing it again in our April issue (on sale March 8th) against the Sony STR-DH820 (£180) and the Award-winning Yamaha RX-V373 (£200). Should make a fascinating comparison!

this is an odd play...ive seen units losing a star from 5stars,but cut to 3 stars from 4 within an issue or 2? So in a matter of weeks a pioneer goes from almost recommended to a P-O-S..its an inconsistent scoring system of products that seem to be randomly downscored. The market renews most products on a less than a year basis,even thousands of pounds worth of kit is considered "old" in a few short months,no denying. Just give them 1-5 stars & leave it at that i reckon,fair all round then...i think.

New products are constantly being launched, and if they raise the performance bar significantly in their price sector – as happened in this case – then it's perfectly logical for an existing product to be downgraded against newer, better competitors.

Thanks andy,sorry nasty rasor naga double clicking mouse.

Thanks andy,but shouldn't all units at this price be reviewed accordingly as the yamaha came a while after the sony,and subsquently won Product of the year,so that should leave the sony str1030 on 4 & the denon av2113 & onkyo sr515 on 3 along with the pioneer vsx922,& the reason i think this makes sense is the yamaha rx673 being awarded POTY,which leaves it clearly ahead of the sony,which is ahead of the other three av receivers. Thanks Andy.

We've downgraded the Pioneer because newer models from the likes of Sony and Yamaha are now considerably better and have raised the bar in this incredibly competitive sector.

How come an Eisa Award only gets 3 stars?

As a novice searching for my first av receiver this is something hard to understand.

I have found a Pioneer VSX-527 for £222, which seems a bargain to me.

What is your opinion?

Are you considering reviewing this model?

@rcms The vsx 521 was reviewed here,but the vsx527 difference seems to be air jam & the i-control app,everything else looks the same.You have loads of options at this level but £222.00 is not bad for the feature count & spec.


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