Pioneer SC-LX85

Tested at £2000

Best home cinema amplifier £1500+, Awards 2011. Pioneer’s best is also its best yet: an extraordinary feat, and a true Award-winning all-rounder


Good vith monitor audio Gx 300 speakers

Will there be anyway to upgrade the LX85 with firmware to LX86 Capabilities at a cost? Or for it to support  4K Passthrough?


Requires a little care in system matching. What you mean by "a little care"?

You might not want to partner it with overly bright-sounding speakers as the treble could become a tad harsh.

I thought long and hard to replace my sc-lx81 I have this a while now and have just bi wired the front/centre speakers and sounds the best receiver I have ever bought the sound is crisp you can hear hear every detail in the soundtrack I could not get the wireless dongle to work when I have connected to my Samsung ue-es8000 tv and panasonic dmp-bdt500 blu-ray player it keeps switching to the tv input like if you press stop on the blu-ray player and then start it switches to the tv input and when you switch it back it can not pick up on the player I have switch of the receiver and then back on again this is not a fault with the pioneer is that the tv seems to have stronger signal than the blu-ray player


Anyone else here who have compared LX83 vs LX85 who find LX85 much weaker when it comes to pure power? I'm not takling about sound quality here. LX85 sounds great, but does not drive my B&W CM-series 5.1 system as good as LX83. It seems LX83 handeled hard speakers dipping very low in impedance better then LX85. Pioneer said LX85 should be better at this, but that's not true and the case. 

Has any1 else noticed how juiced up,pioneers new AVRs are powerwise in comparison to older models?


My experience is that the older models with B&O ICEpower was far more powerful then LX85. I do own LX85 and LX83.

Every review also shows that LX85 is not as powerful as LX83/82.

if any1 can remember,WHF said its remarkable how close the SC-LX81 sounded to the SUSANO,so going by the SC-LX-81/2/3 past WHF reviews & this,it would only make sense that the SC-LX85 absolutely,utterly destroys the SC-LX90 Susano,soundwise.

Yeah. Right. Makes perfect sense lol 

What is a susano? AV amp?

Yes, one of Pioneer's high-end models. Clickety

Couple of things here.

1) The Susano can do 1400 Watts over ten channels into 8 Ohms according to the specs (140 x 10). The LX85 has a max output of 810 Watts at 8 Ohms. Pioneer still quote 140 x 9 into 8 Ohms which doesn't make sense. Me thinks the susano has much more in reserve.

2) Spoke to pioneer the other day and they were quite clear, the Susano is still the better amp.


I would be interested to hear from the What hifi guys on whether they disagree with Pioneer.

"Plaudits to Pioneer: this is its best-ever amp."


I know it's 3 times the price but surely the susano is better.

Are you saying that this unit sounds better than the susano?

Just to clarify.  We judge everything on a performance per pound basis. In our opinion the SC-LX 85 is Pioneer's best effort at this price level. In terms of features it's better than the Susano but not when it comes to sound quality.

Yes of course,but where does the SC LX81 being so amazingly close in sound to the Susano,in regards to a 3 generation later SC LX85,leave us?Think about what real forward steps have been made with regards to sound,if the 81 is close in sound to the Susano,in regards to the seemly inferior to Susano,SC LX85 soundwise?.


Good question. I was thinking the exact same thing. As much as I love What HiFi more and more I find myself doubting the sincerity of reviews found here, or at least the words they chose to express their opinion about certain products.

Depressing isn't it.

Reviews now are more about making good headlines for the manufacturers than giving good buying info.

For example, if a product is really good and the best at its price point, it will get 5 stars and a glowing review, but nothing is perfect so why do we never get to hear about the negatives on a top rated product?


vism wrote:
Depressing isn't it.

Reviews now are more about making good headlines for the manufacturers than giving good buying info.

If it were true, it would be depressing; but it isn't, so it isn't.

Could you please try to run the SC-LX85 with 11 speakers connected with an additional power-amp?

I ask this because I am not sure this is possible, I thought that there are 11 speaker terminals BUT that those were not simultaneous usable.


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