Pioneer BDP-LX52

Tested at £550

A worthwhile upgrade from Pioneer, the BDP-LX52 stands proud at this price-point


Haven't tested it yet I'm afraid Dr Kay, as it's not on sale until July, but it does offer wireless (as well as wired) connectivity as you can read here:


Well, this should make for an interesting comparison with the Oppo BDP 831, as the Pioneer "stands proud at this price-point", will it droop a little when the �450 universal player, hailed around the world, is given it's chance to stand against it? Only time will tell. In my experience, the BDP-LX51 was an excellent player, which only fell down in utterly snail like operating speed. Has the 52 actually moved things on, with less features (no analogue connectivity) and a higher price tag by �150 at least. I think it remains to be seen.

Not upto pioneer's usual standards, big shame as I love to see the new one's get better.

Biggest disapointment is the sound and build, very thin and weak.

Picture only slightly worst than last year's model's.

Can't see a merger with Sharp improving things.

Lovely clear, crisp pictures from this player, but I find it somewhat lacking in features, such as media streamer and connectivity to Love Film, Youtube and Iplayer. Great player if that's exactly what you want, a blu-ray player, but if you want more than that, it just doesn't cut the mustard...

I have brought the LX 52 and am very happy with the performance. It gives excellent pictures with clean and sharp details. Audio is also dynamic and full. Start up and load times are definately improved. In short I would definately say that LX 52 is the right choice !!!

Is LX 52 worth buying

I purchased this at the same time as the PDP-LX5090 TV. It's difficult to say if it's the TV that's gives the great picture of if this Blu-Ray player contributes something. Disc loading time is average by Blu-Ray players (30 seconds maximum) but it is a great device. I found build quality to be excellent. definitely better than a Panasonic or Toshiba.

Just wondering if the new BDP-LX53 blue-ray player is better than the BDP-LX52. Anyone have any idea what the new feature's are on the new BDP-LX53?

One of the best if not the best blue ray for look's, build quality, sound and vision e.t.c.player at this price point. If you have the cash than do not hesitate in buying this beuty and if you have a pioneer a/v amp than that's even better.


At £250 is the LX-52 still worth a punt compared to some of its rivals?


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