Pioneer A-70

Tested at £800

The Pioneer excels in many areas, even if its sound falls short of class-leading


Please WHF review his little brother A-50. I want to know if there are some great diiferences in sound quality between them. The cheaper Yamaha A500 is also better than his brother A700.....maybe the A50 will be also.

This amp has recently been labeled as "class leading" by a norwegian reviewer. I have myself great faith in its capability:) Number of stars in reviews should mean little or nothing.

I would be interested to know how the sound compares to the amplifiers in their home cinema receivers. I love my sc-lx71 but when I listen to my Marantz PM8200 I realise how cold and clerical the digital amps in the Pioneer are.

I am going to demo one of these next week.

The review proves you should demo though as HIFI Choice gave it five stars recommended.

Are you going to test the new Creek 50a?

Every bodies ears are different.

Did you review this amp?


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