Philips Fidelio M1

Tested at £160

Best portable on-ears £100-£200, Awards 2013. Never tiring, always pleasant, these are great cans


Hi Guys 

just to ask if anybody can make a comparison with the Shure SRH940

because if they(M1) are the Best in the class they should sound better than the Sure!

Will anybody help please!



A good question, and I don't know - have never tried the Shures - but they are not really portable h/ps are they?

For my money, the Fidelios are the best for train travel or using H/ps at work (if you are allowed to!!).  I've seen reviews on Amazon compare these unfavorably with Grados.  Grados are open h/ps!  Really: do these people not undersatnd?  I would say that, if you want great sound in a public place, then these Phillips are about the best you can buy.  If you are using them exclusively at home, look elsewhere!


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