Philips 55PFL6007T

Tested at £1500

A fantastic TV that should be on anyone's shortlist if they're after a big-screen


I am quite surprised by that also.  the 9664 I had, was literally riddled with irregular black light and DSE, and these problems are quite the norm on that set, and yet no mention of these issues.


Maybe WHF didn't have a set with noticable problems?


I agree also that Ambilight does sway it for me, as does Philips superior (in my opinion) image processing  

I have the 47 inch version of this TV, and its a real cracker.


I upgraded from a 42 inch 9664 which was a 5 star set in itself.  I was amazed uat the blacks on this set compared to the old 9664, and 3D performance is excellent due to an LG panel. Also, this TV does not suffer at all from irregular backlighting etc.


to get the best out of this tv, just use the motion handling with a light touch. 

I have the 42PFL6007T. Great set - in terms of detail, motion, contrast, sound and looks, cant be beaten at this price range or indeed well above. Philips sets for me, when you add ambilight, are head and shoulders above Samsung, Sony, LG and Pana.

However - my set suffers from DSE - dirty screen effect when watching fast panning shots on light background, most noticeable on sport particularly football, cricket, and winter sports. I had the 46PFL7007T before swapping and that had DSE also. Go on the Philips forums and everyone talks about it. How come then it isnt mentioned in reviews? I know it isnt specific to Philips, and seems to be a real problem for current panels - so it seems bizarre that it is never mentioned in official reviews.




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