Pathos Inpol 2

Tested at £5500

It takes an awesome amplifier to make a £5500 price-tag look reasonable: this is one of them


I have got this amp used at a very good bargain price. it is the heaviest amp I ever owned (I guess it tips the scale at 34KG) and is built crafted beautifully.

The sound from the amplifier is nothing less that magical. The music is very very live and the vocals are teh best part of the amplifier. Also, the way the music stops and starts (I think it is called black level or something) is so amazing. It feels as if the time has really slowed down. The pace or speed is extremely engaging. Overall I love the sound.


However the low frequency / bass is not as much in quantity as the rest of the frquency spectrum. It could be due to my Proac Standmount speakers. I have hooked up my PV1 (using the main lines link which B&W has sent me free of cost - almost 10mts long, as I have lost the original - great service from B&W too!) with Pathos and the PV1 never sounded better! The bass is very very tight. We have hooked up PV1 on various systems before including the Rotel RSP1069 but this is the first time PV1 sounded this good. Overall, I am very happy with the sound and I think, I am done for now.... 


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