Panasonic TX-L50ET60B

Tested at £1300

The ET60 series makes a solid start to 2013 for Panasonic, but we expect other models to be more impressive and better value


I have just bought the 42" version of this for the lounge. I'm happy enough with the picture, but the sound is truly abysmal! Is there a way of improving the sound of super slim TVs without resorting to soundbars or speakers? Vibe make a small sub that will hide away behing the TV, anyone tried one?

Midrange could easily mean in the middle from the top most and bottom price of the 2013 Panasonic range, or in the middle of all the LCD TV's that they offer. 

From £500-£2500 it is roughly in the middle. 

Exactly, TnA200. Though obviously, over time, the prices of the new 2013 TVs may come down as they have in previous years. For now, we can only go on the suggested retail price and £1300 is in the middle of the price band.

"Our first look at a Panasonic TV in 2013 comes in the shape of the Panasonic TX-L50ET60B, a midrange LCD/LED model...."

So do you consider £1300 the going rate for a midrange 50" TV?


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