Panasonic TX-L47DT65B

Tested at £1600

It has its drawbacks (sound), but this Panasonic is easy to live with and has an insightful and dynamic picture performance – it’s a great set


This range of TVs suffers badly with backlight bleed/bloom, whatever you call it, which can only be countered by having Auto Backlight Control (not Contrast as in the review) on Max and Ambient Sensor on all of the time. Both those settings bring their own problems to the mix however. Whilst the glow (especially noticeable in the top right of all 3 tvs tried already) is reduced so it doesn't bother you the adaptive features produce a weird lightening and darkening of the screen which is very irritating as it is quite noticeable.

Everything about the tv mentioned in the review I'd agree with. However, the mirror like reflectivity makes watching dark scenes at night a soon as the screen goes black or near to black you end up seeing a reflection of the room in the tv screen and if, like us, you have the tv at eye level, you see yourselves sitting on the sofa starting back at yourself. And during the day, with light bouncing off everything, watching anything but daytime tv is pointless. And the massive problem with the glowing corner (and I don't know why, but it is especially the top right hand corner of all the TVs in this range)  just ruins the experience as it is so intrusive.

Still considering returning mine. I want to keep it, because the pictures is terrific, but the reflectiivity is just so distracting.


Love the picture, but...

Strictly speaking, yes.

don't you mean LED-backlit LCD TV?


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