Panasonic RP-HTX7

Tested at £40

Best portable on-ears up to £50, Awards 2012. Retro looking, very comfortable and they sound great, they're well worth the price


I too have to disagree. They are horrible. My 2005 Sennheiser hd202 are miles above the Panasonics, and still manufactured, and cheaper too. I know the Pana's are closed back and so are the Senn's but I really believe the driver in the Senn's is of a different breed. I got my the Pana's based on the review and from a Panasonic High Street store to make sure I get a genuine product - been shafted on eBay a few times. For 50 quid you get a pair of headphones, nothing more, not five stars.

I have just bought two pairs. No extension cable or 6.5mm plug.


The short review: Not that impressed, even for the money.

The longer review:  Maybe I'm spoiled. In my day job I get to listen to really high-end car stereos a lot, and recently I spent 10 minutes in an Apple Store listening to their demo B&W P5s. Massively impressed with the P5s; they deliver sound just the way I like it, but since I just couldn't justify the money they cost I bought these Panasonics. Best headphones under £50, What Hi-Fi say.

Well if that's the case, the rest must be really quite poor. These are okay, don't get me wrong. They function, they're reasonably comfortable and the design means they don't press directly onto your ears like some cheap over-ear 'phones. No sweaty lugholes then, which is good. There's a reasonable balance between the amount of bass and treble delivered, and sometimes you're listening and you think they're actually really impressive. They make a reasonable stab at the illusion of separation, too.

But then some treble arrives and you notice the distortion. It's properly flaky, like a detuned radio sometimes if you turn the volume up for a bit. While the bass stays relatively rich and composed for £32 cans (, the treble falls apart like school cabbage. There's no particular degree of clarity. Listening to some White Lies in the Apple Lossless format earlier prompted me to get around to this review.  The crescendos in the tune were just lost to a fuzzy, crackly mound of what-did-I-waste-£32-on-these-useless-freaking-piles-of-rubbish-for.

And yet... right now I'm listening to Handel's Sarabande, again in lossless, and they're absolutely remarkable for the price. Eh?

Thank you experts in What HiFi.

Thank you engineering in Panasonic.

I've bought two sets of these Panasonic headphones, one for myself & the other for my best friend. Although I was on budget, but made my decision only based on trust I have in What HiFi without no listening or testing.

Right now I'm listening right through these headphones. First of all it's pleasing to realise that you (What HiFi friends) give recommendations we can trust. This issue worth a whole of HiFi world to me, again I thank you dear sirs.

For this kind of price, midrange and vocals which are far from harshness combining with valuable degree of details attracted me at the first test, then I reached to the point of lovely low frequencies, where the highs were calling for me we are also here, crisp and happy. For the first 30 minutes I have no feeling of uncomfortablity, I will continue testing in depth of sound and build quality for more hours.

Thanks our friends in Japan (Takumi belief)

Thanks our friends in Britain.


Put simply - these are SENSATIONAL for the money!

Purchased these to replace a pair of leaky open back on ear phones (annoying to others). I concur - very comfy and not tiring after prolonged use (unlike some I've owned). Sound is excellent, listening to either voice or music. I these to listen to stuff off my PC, which they do a fine job of. They deliver Treble and Bass just about right. Lead is not over long, which is ideal if you're sat next to what you are plugged into, but you will need an extention lead if you want to sit away. Funky looking (retro?), but not as old fashioned looking as my Grados (WW2 wireless operator). Plenty of adjustment, so should fit all heads. Enclosed cups quiet small, so if you have massive ears, try before you buy. They do a nice job of keeping sounds in/out. Everyone's happy. A "no brainer" at this price (around £30).


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