Panasonic PT-AE3000

Tested at £2000

Simple to use and with superb results – a hugely persuasive argument for taking the big-screen plunge


 2 1/2 years later, are you still so impressed?

Does it do 3D?

What's the projector's own noise like?

What screen did you buy & were you happy with it? There seems to be very little information about screens.


Steve J

I have just read the Review for this projector in the South African Edition. and they have dropped a star because of the price. 1 lousy star. They should have dropped another 3. Why because R2000 multiplied by the exchange rate of around 15 is R30,000 yet The retail price is R65,000. More than double. I have previously purchased the ptae100 & ptae500. Admittedly I wasn't going to purchase this model, I am waiting for a LED /LASER based 3D capable HD projector. Needless to say I will no longer be buying from PANASONIC. I hate being ripped off and companies that try deserve to fail.

So if you have an alternative in mind please buy it.  

Made the mistake of buying one of these in December. A mistake in that I now have to spend a fortune upgrading the rest of my aging AV kit to match its quality. Maybe if I collected a pound from each visitor who blasphemed 'Oh my God' on seeing this PJ in action...

For a PJ novice, it was a doddle to set up and tweak. Movement is smooth (I use the middle frame creation setting) with no judder, and whilst there is no evidence of the LCD-prone chicken wire effect, the image is still sharp.  

Even via a do-it-all PS3,  Bluray is stunning, with  SKY HD not far behind. Nor is DVD is disgraced on  106' screen. Poorer  quality SD broadcasts such as ITV's football coverage  are in comparison far  less enjoyable - smaller the screen the better here.

Negatives? Not encountered any to date, other than inadequate bank balance for appropriate BD player, AV amp, speakers etc etc.


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