Panasonic DMP-BDT220

Tested at £155

Best Blu-ray player £100-£175, Awards 2012. The Panasonic’s ability to convey the fine detail impresses, along with its strong sonic performance.


This player is currently £89 in a high street store that sounds like it sells Indian food...

How does this compare with the Sonys which are also at similar prices? Im considering buying a bluray player for under £150 and I hear Panasonic and Sony are both very good.


Yes, the Sony players are very good too. Our Best Buy up to £100 is the Sony BDP-S390, and at £175+ the Sony BDP-S790. But between those two, the Panasonic is our prefered option at £100-£175.

Hey Retne, great to know. I have a new Blu-ray player with low noise on top of my list. Had a Sony 380 machine home 8 month ago and it was noisy, so it went back to the store. I think many of the cheaper plastic models can´t hold up against a Blu-ray disc at high speed and therefor makes noise. So I´m considering the BDT-500 a great deal, but thought that maybe the 220 was good enough for my few years old TV and maybe wasn´t as noisy as some other models. I hate to be reminded of the Blu-ray player in more quiet movie scenes, so I think that you have persuaded my by the facts. Must go for better quality. 


Depending on how sensitive your ears/brain are to the frequencies that this outputs, you may find the transport is fairly loud on  this player.

I bought a 220 then swapped it for the 500, which is noticeably quieter (this was confirmed by the salesman, and a meter reading of the levels when the disc was spinning)




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