Onkyo ND-S1

Tested at £150

The ND-S1 is an outstanding digital dock, and it's available at a very tempting price


Ed9, you are right. I did a A/B test with both my Cambridge Audio Azur 640C and this dock connected to the same DAC and they sounded the same (playing the same music, at the same time, ripped in lossless format). When I did the same test between my DAC and my CD-players internal DAC there was a clear difference, especially in the lower mid tones. Conclusion: sound quality is above all dependent on the DAC, not on the source. 

Kai - did you try the iPhone in flight mode?


This product works fine with NEW iPods

My iPod was 2 years old 80GB classic

just tested with new ones

apologies reviewers and Onkyo


I am confused. Can anyone tell me how to navigate around the iPod on this "product of the year"? I have this linked to an onkyo 876 receiver and cannot see what is on the ipod screen without stopping the track, I cannot navigate whilst playing, I cannot get the video out to work, I have tried everything. Good sound is great but not if you can't pick what to play.

Hi Clare,

thanks for your reply. After some research on the Onkyo website, I saw that it should work in flight mode. I tried it home and it didn't...would have surpised me, too. I mean, does the iphone give out a different signal when in flight mode??

Anyway, have ordered a classic now, also gives me enough space to rip everything in lossless Smile

Maybe you should have pointed out that this dock does not work with iphone (you made reference to it - twice!). Often enough docks will play the tunes (but not charge) although they're not certified 'works with iphone...but this one doesn't!! Big disappointment for me over Xmas...

Confused by this review: "So, is it time to bin the CD player? Well, not quite; even a budget disc-spinner of decent quality can beat this for overall musicality".

The ND-S1 passes on a digital signal to your external DAC so how can the ND-S1 be compared to a budget CD player? Surely the resultant sound quality is going to be dependant on the quality of the DAC you use, not the ND-S1?

Or is the reviewer stating that there are budget CD transports out there that better the ND-S1?

Please clarify, thanks.

I checked this with a 60Gb 5th Generation machine (Firmware Version 1.2.1 and it did not work, the iPod displayed an error message to the effect that the attached accessory was not supported. With more up to date firmware however this might work.

Also I tested with my Girlfriend's 6th Generation 80Gb (early release) firmware 1.1.2 and the latest version classic (160Gb) firmware 2.0.3. Both these worked perfectly.

If you have an older iPod, the dock has to put the iPod in extended mode to get at the digital output which is why you cannot see what is playing or select a track.

This is a limitation of the older iPods and the Wadia has to do the same thing.

The only solution is to upgrade to a more recent version of the iPod.


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