Cambridge Audio One +

Tested at £330

Although DAB+ may be exciting for some people outside the UK, for us Brits the One+ isn’t enough of an update


A flop, indeed.


Good sound on CD playback (radio variable and dependent on reception - see below).


On/off switch located at the back of the device (and hard to find) - should be at front.

When it’s switched on the device defaults to standby. Why? If you switch the device on, clearly you want to use it. Shouldn’t have a standby switch anyway - we’re trying to save energy, remember!

When standby is switched on, the function defaults to iPod (I don’t have one, so it’s annoying that I then have to switch to CD or radio - should default to the function that was last in use).

Once function has been selected, the volume defaults to a really low level, so I always need to reset volume.

If switched to DAB radio, it takes a while to tune in to station.

If switched to CD, after inserting CD defaults to showing number of tracks and total time - instead of playing the damn thing from track one (which is what 99% of the people want to do 99% of the time).

So, all in all, if you switch on the device wanting instant music, then you’ll be disappointed as it can take 30 seconds or more to get to where you want to be (and I thought that electronics were supposed to make things quicker).

Other (negative) points:

The radio aerial is of the extendable telescopic sort. This means that to get the best reception you may need to have it pointing in a direction that makes it stick out like a sore thumb, and, depending on where you locate your hifi, it might be impossible to extend fully. Apparently you can unscrew the telescopic aerial and use an external aerial. That is, in theory. I couldn’t unscrew it with the tool provided (and it is a specialist tool - albeit a bit of flimsy plastic).

I also found it difficult to get the radio to work (reception seems to be very dependent on weather conditions).

The function buttons are tiny, and unresponsive. Some have to be pressed twice to achieve the desired effect.

The system has a remote zapper, but the letters are so small that it is difficult to read.

Other (positive) points:

Looks quite nice (apart from the aforementioned aerial).

My 2 cents worth, is I just picked the 'old One (none DAB+ which is not that different from this one for £149 from Richer sounds. Couple with a apair of Mordaunt Short Alumnis (Space is an issue) this sounds incredible for the money and space it takes up. And I've not even connected using decent cable yet. I've not had too much time to play wiv it yet, but I haven't had any issue with the size of the remote (and I do have sausage fingers) and I have foundf no issue with reception, even with aerial only part extended. However, I did go into a store and spend some time listening to different speakers, and played about with it a bit BEFORE making my decision. Go and listen to Free Radicals by the Flaming Lips and make up your own mind.


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