Nokia Lumia 920

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Not quite the finished article yet, but it's a promising start for Nokia's flagship phone


It's also worth mentioning a few other notable points about the 920:

There is built in Dolby Stereo and equalizer settings to get a sound that you prefer thus giving a greater level of control over the sound.

The optical image stabilization not only means that the 920 can take great low light photo's but it also means that video is incredibly smooth and handshake is pretty much eradicated. No other smartphone on the market has optical image stabilisation.

Some of the fun photo apps that are exclusive to Nokia phones such as Cinemagraph, where pictures can be animated. Smartshoot, where you can remove unwanted people from an image or select the best faces on a group photo. Photobeamer, which allows you to beam (over the internet) photos from your phone to any web browser.

Nokia Transit also adds to the location and mapping services giving public transport travel planning accross many major cities.

There's also a couple of comments (as a windows phone user) that I would tend to disagree with in this review. Managing the real estate on the screen is no less efficient than any other smartphone as the screen limits the amount you can see. The fact that you can size the tiles means that you can get a lot of apps onto the home screen if you wish, and the home screen is scrollable wich gives you extra real estate. The full A-Z listing is really only a last resort for those apps that you use the least. The comment about getting lost with multitasking is really only relevant to a brand new user to the OS. Once you've used it for a few days everyting is pretty intuitive.

As for the build quality I've noticed no such issues but hopefully there will be a few more Lumia 920 owners who will comment here to put the built quality comments to rest.

Obviously phone preference is a pretty personal thing and if you are used to Android or iOS then it's easy to find flaws in the new kid on the block. Personally I feel that the 920 can easily stand its ground with the iPhone 5 or any of the top of the range Android phones. It gets 5 stars from me.

Nokia Lumia 920 is a 5 stars phone!. You gave 5 stars to iPhone which is at its best 3 stars.


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